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    2010 Laser for Sale Naples FL

    I'm interested in your Laser. I have a few questions including whether the trailer is a road going trailer or do you mean a beach dolly? Please email me at:
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    Laser Sails $255 & $275, Upper Section $95 for sale

    I will purchase both radial sails for $150 plus shipping to Falmouth, ME 04105. Please email me at and we can figure out shipping. I realize the rolled sail will need to be folded. Not a problem. Stu Nickerson
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    Laser Sails $255 & $275, Upper Section $95 for sale

    I would like to see pictures of the 2 radial sails if possible. If that is not easy for you can you please look at the batten pockets both inner and outer where they normally tear. Also how is the tab at the top of the sail? I'm ready to purchase both of them.
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    '06 Laser Full, Radial or 4.7 rig

    I am ready to buy your 2006 Laser with the radial rig. Please email me at: Thank you
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    2015 Worlds Laser

    This boat has sold.
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    2015 Worlds Laser

    Hello I have pictures of the 2015 Worlds Laser. I'm technology challenged so I need your email address. You can send it direct to
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    2015 Worlds Laser

    2015 Worlds program Laser, hull # 209383, purchased Nov 2015, used 1 season Dolly Pro rigging New composite blades and blade bag Carbon tiller Covers, top and bottom Professional race prepared hull (wet sand and buff) 2 radial size sails one used only 2 regattas, both class legal. Owner paid $6K...
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    2011 Laser # 199584

    2011 Laser class sailboat Full race (pro rigging) equipped including: carbon tiller with roller, carbon hiking stick excellent full race sail sietech dolly top cover epoxy blades in new condition, blade bag perfect hull, no scratches, wet sanded to 2500 grit and buffed This boat is ready to...
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    4.7 rig

    4.7 sail and lower mast. The sail is class legal and is in very good condition. The mast section is new from Intensity Sails. This mast ships easily by FedEx. Pictures available.
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    Looking for Seitech Dolly or Parts

    I would be glad to purchase your 3 cracked connectors. I do not need the T connector. I do some creative things to keep them working. How much do you think that they are worth?
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    2004 Laser full rig $3850

    2004 Laser in absolutely perfect condition. Hull is very "fair", scratch, and ding free. Blades just professionally refaired and refinished. All pro rigging. Vang pin. Inspection port with bag. Bailer springs. New rooster mainsheet and hiking strap. Small Harken mainsheet cams. Blade bag. Custom...
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    4.7 sail and mast

    I need a decent to very good 4.7 sail and lower mast. Must be class legal. The lower mast easily ships by FEDEX. Zip code is 04105, Falmouth, ME. please contact:
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    Seeking part for older boat

    I have a pair in nice condition that I will sell for $20. My zip is 04105. stu Nickerson
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    2005 Laser for sale

    Does this boat have the 15 to 1 vang and pro rigging outhaul and cunningham?
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    2007 Laser $4500

    The 2007 is sold. My last boat for this season is a 1994. Perfect condition. Refinished blades. Standard rigging. Decent sail. $2400. Pictures available. Will take olders Lasers in trade. Falmouth, ME
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    2007 Laser $4500

    2007 Laser for sale. Full pro equipped. New sail. Perfect hull, not one scratch. New lines. Carbon tiller and hiking stick. Dolly included. Blades refaired and refinished using a template. Ready to race at the highest level. located in S. Maine. Can help with delivery.
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    Radial sail packages

    Sorry, everything is sold.
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    2006 Laser

    The 06 is sold. Still have the 07. It is better than a new boat. Save $2000.
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    2006 Laser

    I am in Falmouth, ME.
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    Wanted: Radial Sail & Radial Lower Mast in Used/good condition

    I have a radial sail and lower mast. Looks like both were used hardly at all. The "feet" on the base of the mast look unused. The sail is fully crisp. Price is $400. The mast base ships FEDEX very reasonably. Under $30 toOaklahoma from Maine. Stu Nickerson