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  1. NightSailor

    Hurricane Prep

    Well it seems someone left the Hurricane Magnet on because the storm is tracking, as of today, Friday the 26 at 9Pm, right towards Fairfield County in Connecticut. I thought some of you might be interested in my storm prep. I am actually a bit embarrassed to show you this pictures because my...
  2. NightSailor

    Quaddie Trailer

    I want a trailer that will haul four Sunfishes, or more. I settled on four, although I might be able to add more on later, that is good enough for now. I want it for a number of reason. One is a good way to store these boats full time. I can shrink wrap the whole thing in the fall and forget...
  3. NightSailor

    Scored a Touchdown - New Aluminum Trailer for free

    I bought a Red Sunfish from a fellow in a nearby town last year. The one I call Canada. Which I have not worked on at all this year. The fellow and his wife became Facebook friends with me. And we have stayed in touch. He called me an offered me a "free Sunfish". It turned out to be a Sailfish...
  4. NightSailor

    Sailfish Rudder (Old style) and daggerboard

    I have a Sailfish Rudder (Old style) and Daggerboard for sale. Tiller is still attached and a bit beat up. I do not have the bronze mount for the boat side of this pintle/gudgeon--only the pintle attached to the rudder. If there is interest, I will post pictures.
  5. NightSailor

    Sunfish Coaming (White)

    I have a used Sunfish Coaming for sale on eBay at the moment, if anyone is interested.
  6. NightSailor

    Sunfishes for Sale

    I have a few Sunfishes for sale. These have new lines, new hardware, new NP sails, refinished boards, carbon hiking stick, boom blocks, new bailers or new bailer balls and seals, hiking straps, harken swivel base with cam cleat. All have the new style rudders. Very nice boats. I also...
  7. NightSailor

    Sea Dogs: Who has one? or more than one!

    SHADOW. Not sure if he belongs to my brother or my niece...
  8. NightSailor

    Trip Report: Sailing in/around Edgartown & Sunfish tiller length thoughts

    I just finished a one week 300nm cruise on a Hanse 400 to Edgartown and back, mostly motoring, with one fabulous day of sailing on the day we left Edgartown, leaving Monday afternoon at 2:40 pm to catch the tide in Vineyard Sound. Typically, I only do week long trips of this length with...
  9. NightSailor

    Free Sail--Brand New Neil Pryde sail

    Neil Pryde's loft in Stratford, CT is generously donating: A brand new Sunfish sail To be used as a door prize at the Calf Pasture Beach Sunfish Gathering on August 14th and 15th. One entry per person, you must be present to win. You must be age 12 or older to qualify. $5 event fee per...
  10. NightSailor

    How to spot someone drowning...something we all should know.

    The new captain jumped from the cockpit, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the owners who were swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach. “I think he thinks you’re drowning,” the husband...
  11. NightSailor

    CANADA Boat

    Here is my $150 project boat I have named Canada because of the Red and White Paint scheme. I was thinking about parting the boat out, and then decided to restore it, but I enjoy that, not that I need another Sunfish--this is #7. I have a Canadian friend I was going to give the boat to, but...
  12. NightSailor

    Bottle port

    Has anybody else installed a Bottleport on their Sunfish? I saw a thread on this topic and could not post to it. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it is not available in white. Cost is a little pricey too. However I'm pretty happy with this one. I haven't used it yet...
  13. NightSailor


    I've been working on DIXIE, a Sunfish that was given to me by a nice couple from my yacht club. I hope to return the favor at some point. It is a nice looking grey on grey boat with blue stripes. Yesterday I installed a hiking strap, drain plug, inspection port/bottleport, harken 205 swivel...
  14. NightSailor

    Sunfish gathering August 14-15, Norwalk, Connecticut

    I'm organizing a Sunfish gathering at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, CT on July 10th and 11th (changed to Aug 14-15). The Norwalk Islands are gorgeous and a lot of fun to explore. Unlike racing where you have to have expensive sails to have fun, all Sunfishes will be welcomed. The beach is...
  15. NightSailor

    Bought a "like-new" 1983 Sunfish

    I am up to six [6] of these boats now.--which was my goal. I really didn't want to buy another Sunfish just yet, but I could not pass this one by as it met my price/condition specification and had a galvanized trailer. It is a 1983 that has only been in the water twice--I'm told. Based on...
  16. NightSailor

    Quick Release Gooseneck adapters

    Quick Release Gooseneck adapters for sale. $13.50 includes shipping.
  17. NightSailor

    HOOT is in the water and sailing

    Here is shot showing my recent paint job done last year. We had a great sail today. Mid 70's sunny and a nice breeze 10-15 knots.
  18. NightSailor

    Bailer Balls

    I am not particularly impressed by the bailer on any of my Sunfishes. I've seen people stuff styrofoam in there to try to put the ball in the right place to try and make it work. Now I see a new product with is a donut shape black plastic part that encircles the ball and I'm told attaches to...
  19. NightSailor

    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail

    I'm as guilt as anyone. I don't have a picture of myself, sailing my boat. Post a picture of yourself sailing your boat here in this thread. No posts of boat on trailers, or on land. Extra points for the first person to do it. 50 lashes for anyone who posts here without such a picture.