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    PVC rig storage?

    I’ve seen pictures of sunfish rigs stored in pvc pipes and I would love to do that but the largest pipe I can get my hands on is a 6 inch and my goose neck measures at 7. Do any of you store your rigs this way?
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    Rudder making questions

    I got this picture off the specs page on the forum. What is the length of the edge that meets the transom and at what angle should it be? I don’t have a way to measure the angle of the hull so I can’t figure it out.
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    New Project Questions

    I'm new to Sunfish and sailing in general. I just bought an old Sunfish last night. She doesn't have a HIN but a serial number instead. According to Timeline.pdf I think she was manufactured in 1966 and is among the last to have a halyard block. It...