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    0 470 Mainsail Wanted

    I am looking for a used 470 mainsail to use for practice. It can be in any condition. My email is .
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    Looking for Adjustable Mast Step

    I am looking for an adjustable mast step, new or used. I have searched APS, Waterline Systems, and eBay with no luck so far. If you have one or know where to find one, I'm interested.
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    Where to buy J/24 adjustable mast step

    I'm looking for an adjustable mast step/mast butt (I've seen both names). They aren't on the APS or Harken websites. Would Waterline systems have them? If anyone has an unused one I'm Interested.
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    Considering painting a J24 hull, any advice on what paints work well for racing?

    I recently bought hull number 4464 and am fixing it up to race. The boat currently has standard hull paint on it. I sanded the old paint down a bit because I took it to North Americans in Charleston as part of a junior team earlier this month, so I need to paint it soon before barnacles start to...