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    Yachts & Yachting article (Dec. 04)

    I just bought the December edition of Yacht & Yachting (from the UK). Great issue with lots of dinghy coverage and above all, a nice article about the Laser. It warms my thoughts on such cold days. Is that magazine always as good? It is a great change from the US "big boat" magazines...
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    Size of Aluminium tubing / Dolly

    Hi all, I want to build my own dolly and I have no access to a Seitech dolly right now. Can anyone tell me what is the size of the tubing, and the thickness of the wall? I plan to use the Vosper plan that you can see on the Dr Laser site but in aluminium. Did anyone try it? Do you have...
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    Silva 103 P

    Hi, I have a nice Silva 103 P made to be fixed to the mast of my old I14. Is it possible to retrofit it to be used on a laser? It should not be that difficult but I was woundering if anyone had done it and how! Thanks François