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    2015 Worlds Laser

    2015 Worlds program Laser, hull # 209383, purchased Nov 2015, used 1 season Dolly Pro rigging New composite blades and blade bag Carbon tiller Covers, top and bottom Professional race prepared hull (wet sand and buff) 2 radial size sails one used only 2 regattas, both class legal. Owner paid $6K...
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    2011 Laser # 199584

    2011 Laser class sailboat Full race (pro rigging) equipped including: carbon tiller with roller, carbon hiking stick excellent full race sail sietech dolly top cover epoxy blades in new condition, blade bag perfect hull, no scratches, wet sanded to 2500 grit and buffed This boat is ready to...
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    4.7 rig

    4.7 sail and lower mast. The sail is class legal and is in very good condition. The mast section is new from Intensity Sails. This mast ships easily by FedEx. Pictures available.
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    2004 Laser full rig $3850

    2004 Laser in absolutely perfect condition. Hull is very "fair", scratch, and ding free. Blades just professionally refaired and refinished. All pro rigging. Vang pin. Inspection port with bag. Bailer springs. New rooster mainsheet and hiking strap. Small Harken mainsheet cams. Blade bag. Custom...
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    4.7 sail and mast

    I need a decent to very good 4.7 sail and lower mast. Must be class legal. The lower mast easily ships by FEDEX. Zip code is 04105, Falmouth, ME. please contact:
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    2007 Laser $4500

    2007 Laser for sale. Full pro equipped. New sail. Perfect hull, not one scratch. New lines. Carbon tiller and hiking stick. Dolly included. Blades refaired and refinished using a template. Ready to race at the highest level. located in S. Maine. Can help with delivery.
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    2006 Laser

    2006 Laser. Grey deck and bottom, dark blue stripe, very sharp. Restored to factory new condition by professional boat tech. No dents, dings, cracks. Hull is perfect. Full pro rigging. Re-faired and refinished blades. sail has 4 days on it. All new lines. Ready for high end racing. Includes...
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    Nexus 103R compass

    Selling a Nexus 103R360 compass. Excellent condition. Will include the mounting deck plate but it does have a small piece missing from the most forward section. The missing piece is about the size of a quarter. Does not effect the mounting. Includes a "beanie" type sun protector. $200.
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    4.7 rig and bottom cover

    For sale: 4.7 sail and lower mast. Excellent condition, sail is still quite crisp, no signs of wear, mast is clean, no corrosion at the stainless rivets. $350. Can Fedex. Tackle Shack hull (bottom) cover in very good shape. No rips or worn out spots. $100.
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    Radial sail packages

    I have 3 complete Laser radial packages including lower section mast plus sail with battens. Prices range from $300 to $450. The sails range from very good to almost new. Also have one lower mast only in great shape for $175. I can send pictures. You can check with Laser Performance to hear that...
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    hull cover

    I have an older enevelope type cloth cover for a Laser. One piece, bow enters from the rear. Probably not waterproof but great for sun protection. There are a few dime size tears. I can send pictures.
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    Covers, Compass, and Sails

    Sailors Tailor spar bag nice $35 Sailors tailor padded hull cover as new $125 Storm hull cover used $50 Boat Locker hull cover used $50 Nexus compass plus mount plate little use $150 Full rig multi-color sail from 1984. Violet blue white close to new condition. Will include "M" blue, white...
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    1998 Lasers

    1998 Laser in new condition. perfect hull, no scratches, dent, dings, or spyder cracks. Bottom is absolutely fair. Racing blades, refaired, regelcoated, wet sanded, and polished. Excellent spars. Full pro package, vang, cunningham, outhaul. Nearly new sail. All new lines. High end boat ready to...
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    Multi colored sails

    Multi colored sail from 1984 Laser that came from Michigan. Sail is light blue, violet, and white. New condition. Probably the last one of these sails in this condition. The gromets at the corners still shine and the sail cloth is as new. All wear spots (batten pockets, Top tab) are perfect...
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    Laser hull covers. Sailors Tailor bottom cover, padded inner, new, $150. Sailors Tailor deck cover, good condition, $100. Storm deck cover, good condition, $100. Pictures available.
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    1998 Laser

    1998 Laser full race model with 15 to 1 vang and pro-rigging for outhaul and cunningham. This boat is as new. Used 20 times in fresh water and no racing since new. No scratches, dents, or dings. Bottom is perfect, race prep'ed. Blades are re-faired, re-gel coated, wet sanded, and high polish...
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    Laser 4.7 package

    I have a new (used 4 short days) 4.7 package including the sail and lower mast section. Paid almost $700. Can deliver almost anywhere in New England or ship anywhere. Stu Nickerson.
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    86 Laser new condition

    1986 Laser fully reconditioned by a professional boat builder to new condition. Solid decks. Rebuilt mast step before it broke with West system epoxy. No stress cracks, dents, or dings. Hull is perfect, wet sanded Awlcraft finish. Blades redone to better than factory new. Spars are from a 96...
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    Laser parts

    Radial sail and mast section good condition with battens $375. Centerboard that has been faired with a long board and West microballons, regelcoated, wet sanded and buffed. Straight trailing edge, perfect leading edge. Better than a new one. $350. Rudder head, hard coat anodizing, still in...
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    1979 Laser

    1979 Laser in new condition. Professionally restored. Red sides, white bottom in Awlgrip paint, Deck refinished with light tan Awlgrip. Blades as new. Spars end for ended. New lines. Decent sail. Mast step rebuilt before it had issues. Cockpit floor recorded. Stil races competitively. Full spec...