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  1. Geophizz

    Places to get a Sunfish fixed

    Does anyone know of any reputable places to get a Sunfish repaired in Vermont?
  2. Geophizz

    Sunfish Regatta Sept 8-9 Near Boston, Massachusetts

    The Massapoag Yacht Club is holding a multi class regatta on Sept 8-9 2012 at their club in Sharon Massachusetts, about 15 miles south of Boston and 25 miles north of Providence, RI. We're going to be running two Sunfish fleets this year, one for the elite sailors that participate in the...
  3. Geophizz

    Factory LaserPerformance Store Update

    It appears that Laser Performance is coming out of the doldrums. I was at the factory store in Portsmouth, RI on Monday, and saw some encouraging things. They have renamed and completely revamped the store. It's now called "Laser Performance Sail and Sport, Rhode Island". They have replaced...
  4. Geophizz

    There I fixed it: Sunfish Edition

    You want the new style rudder, you got it!
  5. Geophizz

    Racing Question - Sunfish vs Laser

    I've got a question for you racers out there. Today I had the opportunity to race against a bunch of Lasers. While I was getting hammered for 4 races, I noticed a few differences in the way the boats respond, and I'm wondering if anyone had experienced the same things, or if I've identified...
  6. Geophizz

    Sad end for a Sunfish

    I saw this poor unfortunate today while out for a bike ride. What makes it more unfortunate is that it's located about 1/4 mile from the Barrington Yacht Club, where the Northeast Regional Championships are being held this weekend.
  7. Geophizz

    Racing with a wood daggerboard

    I've recently started racing. I've rigged the boat with a new racing sail, ratchet block, new lines and a sanded and polished hull, and refinished wood daggerboard and rudder. I'm getting great starts, but by the first mark I've noticed that I can hold my own, and generally beat racers with...
  8. Geophizz

    Sunfish Book Ripoffs on Amazon

    If you're looking for Sunfish books, get them from the Class Office for $30, don't go to Amazon. The used book dealers think that the books are rare, and are charging accordingly. The high Amazon prices for the three are as follows: Sail it Flat: $125 Successful Sunfish Racing: $189.50...
  9. Geophizz

    Sunfish/Laser Frostbite Series - New Bedford, MA

    The Low Tide Yacht Club is expanding its Laser Frostbite series to include Sunfish this year. Start location is Fairhaven Shipyard (Races are run inside New Bedford harbor) Sundays 9:00 -12:00 am Three Series: Entry Fee $20.00 per series 1. Starting Sept, 20th Running 4...
  10. Geophizz

    NOR Low Tide Yacht Club Frostbite Series

    The Low Tide Yacht Club in New Bedford, MA Laser Racing Start location is Fairhaven Shipyard (Races are run inside New Bedford harbor) Sundays 9:00 -12:00 am Trhee Series: Entry Fee $20.00 per series 1. Starting Sept, 20th Running 4 Sundays 2. Starting Oct 25th...
  11. Geophizz

    Sunfish Repair Seminar Video

    I've finally finished editing the repair seminar that LaserPerformance put on as part of their open house last week. Here is the link to the video: I apologize for the choppy quality of the streaming file. I think that I encoded it at too hih a bandwidth...
  12. Geophizz

    Laser Performance Factory Tour Photos

    I just got back from the Laser-Performance Open House. These people are the real deal, they are passionate about the boats. I brought my boat in for a shine and buff, and they did a spectacular repair job on my deck too! When I asked if I could video the seminar, they not only allowed me to...