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  1. Gator Bait

    Replacement Decals for Vanguard Sunfish?

    Finally got around to restoring my Sunfish after about a year (finally), and I was wondering, is there a place where I can get replacement decals for the cockpit and sides? The originals on mine are completely gone.
  2. Gator Bait

    Gravel-like material in autobailer hole?

    While replacing the auto-bailer on my sunfish, I found this gravel like material in between the cockpit and exterior, is this supposed to be there or did it work its way in somehow?
  3. Gator Bait

    Need help identifying Sunfish sticker

    Hello, I recently purchased another Sunfish and noticed this sticker behind the splash guard. The inspection port covers most of it, but I was wondering if anybody had seen it before. It's a 2005 vanguard purchased from a sailing center in Fort Myers and it has a Tackle Shack (Tampa) sticker on...