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    Weird lower mast section

    Whoops, you're right. My Mistake.
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    Weird lower mast section

    Sure it's not a Laser M Lower? Same thickness as a full rig lower but shorter.
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    Best Way To Tow A Laser?

    Why not just put the lower mast section in, tie it down and then tie a bowline around the section? Safer than a boweye or hiking strap.
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    Vote on ILCA Rule Changes
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    competitiveness of 20-year old hull?

    I would disagree, the market for used boats is still out there. Boats may turn over quickly so you may not see many ads.
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    Laser ACCs June 8-9

    Early registration ends Thursday night. Join the 70+ boats on the Jersey Shore!!
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    All about to kick off.... They did screen the votes to see if you are a member.
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    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water

    I fill a drybag with water and snacks and attach it to the mast or the back of the hiking strap. Worked well for me at Midwinter's East.
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    D10 Schedule

    This is our current schedule for District 10. There could be more added but most of the regattas are listed here: April 13th Marsh Creek Spring Regatta April 27-28 Sunshine Open @ Severn Sailing Association (Maryland) May 11th Shrewsbury Spring Regatta May 18th Monmouth Spring Regatta May...
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    How do I tell if my spars are class legal?

    Lower mast usually forward below the gooseneck, boom right near the connection to the gooseneck, and upper mast just above the collar. You can't miss them.!i=609852741&k=sA7CJ
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    How do I tell if my spars are class legal?

    There's a sticker saying that the class is an official Laser Class part.
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    2012 Laser Master's Nationals @ Brant Beach Yacht Club, NJ

    Early registration ends at midnight EST. Sign up and save $25 now!!!
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    Another twist in the UK tale

    I doubt people would want to use that sail anyway. The rest of the boat is legal.
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    Another twist in the UK tale

    Wait what? Not class legal sails and equipment? What makes you think that? The sails look legal to me, got the button, the logo, everything.
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    2012 Laser Master's Nationals @ Brant Beach Yacht Club, NJ

    Currently have 47 boats and 1 boat shy of a separate radial fleet so sign up! Early registration ends on the 1st of September. Notice of Race 2012 US Laser Masters Championship September 14-16, 2012
 Brant Beach Yacht Club, Brant Beach, NJ Revised 08/10/2012 Note: Laser Master Clinic is...
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    Olympic Games Laser Sailing

    That wasn't the point. The site says they will stream it all.
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    2012 Masters North American Championship

    When no one decides to sign up until the last minute, that's a bad thing. More and more people don't like paying early (even though they already decided to come ages ago) and giving them an incentive to do so helps the regatta planners. Using the D10s this past month as an example, we barely had...
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    District 10 Championship June 9-10

    All, Registration is active for the D10 championship at Island Heights Yacht Club. Come join us!
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    June 9-10 District 10 Championship @ Island Heights Yacht Club, Nj

    Attached is the NOR for District 10 Champs. Hope to see you there.
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    Zim Assumes LP's Role as Sponsor of US Sailing Events

    T They are around, just not sailed by very many here.