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    Gel coat repair on Mod 1 hull

    Look at West Systems materials and their guides for excellent information. Also, Marine-Tex makes an epoxy material which works well and comes in smaller quantities, depending on what you are dealing with. West will probably provide you with more flexibility but the Marine-Tex is also very hard...
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    New owner! First time out on the water

    Look at the "Boom Height" thread, first reply, for link to 14.2 manual. The manual should show a drawing/diagram regarding placement of reefing points and suggested line placement. I went one step further and patterned a single line reefing system based on the small Harken system, similar to...
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    New owner! First time out on the water

    A couple of final thoughts. Without repeating too much of what I have put in other threads on the site, several of the best things which I have found make the 14.2 more friendly or at least similar to the larger sailboats which I have owned: for boat dock bumpers I use Taylor Made low freeboard...
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    New owner! First time out on the water

    I think that the rated hull speed is about 4.9. The Honda has enough thrust that I rarely open the throttle more than a quarter of full throttle even when motoring from the boat ramp to the house in spring and fall. In white capped waves I might have exceeded that by a little but more so I have...
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    New owner! First time out on the water

    My 2016 (produced in 2015) 14.2K came fitted out with roller furling and uses the wire which is seized inside of the jib as the forestay, which attaches to a pennant mounted on the mast. I keep the boat at my dock during the season and also keep the shrouds set up pretty tight, which of course...
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    FAQ: How Did The Capri 14 Become What It Is Today?

    Suggest that you look at website for Omega. The info. which I found indicates no spreaders. Great site as a source for preliminary info on many sailboat models.
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    Boom height

    The only class critical measurement is the luff length for the main of 17' 3". If your boom fitting rides loosely in the sail slot of the mast it's height above deck will be controlled by the tension which you put on the main halyard and how close to the top of the mast you raise the sail. And...
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    Weighted centerboard?

    Within this forum there are several threads addressing this issue and commenting on what people considered doing, etc. My Catalina 14.2 is a 2016 model but with a fixed keel but I remember reading and re-reading the threads while deliberating on ordering a new boat and whether or not to order...
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    Seasonal docking problem

    Failed to mention, when I pull the bow eye attached line onto the deck I wrap it (about two wraps) around the deck mounted cleat before passing it into the cockpit. That pretty much keeps the cleat "eyes" from protruding and hanging up any lines. Learned that procedure sailing a 19 foot Cape...
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    Seasonal docking problem

    After I took delivery of my Catalina 14.2K, one of the first upgrades I "did" was to add mooring cleats on both port and starboard sides of the boat on the stern end, about six inches from the back of the boat. The boat is a 2016 Mod 3 and I was able to through bolt the cleats, after bedding...
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 Deck Repair

    Aquaman is correct with his analysis. After sailing for over 50 years, being 73 years old, I wanted something to keep at the dock (floating docks only on Kerr Lake, a variable level lake), and wanted more stability. I've sailed three daggerboard boats, two fixed or shoal keel boats (19 to 23...
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 Deck Repair

    Soft decks can be indicators of several problems, some serious, some not so much. I suggest that you research fiberglass boat repairs and study or buy some of the excellent articles, books, on fiberglass work. The deck is gelcoated fiberglass (including matting and resin) laid over either...
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    Looking to buy a Capri 14.2 - need some advice

    Laketahoe: Sorry, no pix; boat is still covered due to excessive rain and lake flooding. But, I based my single line reefing on the Harken system and past experience on my Tanzer22 and Cape Dory Typhoon. At the stern end of the boom (positioned on the boom just below and back from the position...
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    Looking to buy a Capri 14.2 - need some advice

    Captcat is spot on with observations. The position of the boom as well as the standard rigging and line control features on the 14.2 are what make it so similar to larger boats, lots of adjustments and plenty of control. Lots of threads on this site deal with some of the decisions you are trying...
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    Looking to buy a Capri 14.2 - need some advice

    I think that you will be surprised how small the 14.2 feels after sailing a Precision 21, and the significant change in the tenderness/tendency to heel. What you will probably appreciate is the similarity of the feel of the rigging and handling for a small dinghy. I sailed a few dinghys, then a...
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    New to me Catalina 14.2: See pic spreader travel movement seems off

    The suggestion regarding making a mast support which attaches to the stern using a set of pintles is "spot on". I used a 2 X 6 for the main support member and constructed a cap wide enough for the mast to rest on, along with side plates on the cap to keep the mast from moving sideways. My...
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    Largest Safe Outboard

    I have a 2015 model 14.2K, fixed keel, with a factory mounted outboard motor bracket. I use a Honda 2.3 long shaft outboard, air cooled, centrifugal clutch forward and neutral with 360 degree rotation. The boat is used on a large inland fresh water lake which can experience significant wind at...
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    solo launching the 14.2 with mast lowered

    Losing the forestay pin is probably the biggest obstacle. Consider using a ball lock fast release pin if on is available in a small enough diameter. That could let you quickly attach and then you could replace it with a fixed pin and cotter ring once stable if you don't trust it.
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    How do you run your jib sheets when shorthanded?

    I don't think you can ever ask too many questions, about anything. Nobody has to respond so why worry about them. Regarding jib sheets, I've been sailing for almost 50 years and single handing probably 75 percent of that time, from an eleven foot dinghy to a 23 foot cruiser. Downsizing to the...
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    Question on Reefing (Reducing Main Sail)

    My Cat 14.2K included a fairlead close to the jib furling drum, one mounted on the spray "rail" (now molded as part of the deck on Mod 3's), and a cleat mounted on the deck beside the mast for securing the furling line. I added a small shackle below the furling drum and a loop in the end of the...