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    Naples, Florida

    Heading south to Naples for a week, any clubs or community centers where we could charter a laser or two for a day? Any good shops to find Laser parts, gear, apparel? Looking forrward to getting away from all this snow ans seeing the Gulf! Cheers, GG
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    Boston area shops

    Any good spots in the Boston area to shop for laser gear and dinghy sailing equipment/apparel? I googled but nothing obvious sticks out. Can anyone help? GG
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    march break 2010

    Anyone aware of a Laser regatta, training camp or event, etc that might be taking place in the Miami area around early to mid March???? Thinking of heading that way for our spring break. Cheers, GG
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    sandblasting my hull?

    So the season is coming to an end, for us up here in the north, went out at 12C with 15knots last week-end and had a great time!:) sadly enough, forecast for the week-end even colder, I don't care how many layers you put gets cold quick out there. So it 's time to get the Laser ready for...
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    Calling on all experts

    Last week-end I was out with one of our new members, who just bought (used) a dinghy sailboat, I could not find any identification plates etc to find out what model it is, locally we are all baffled by his boat. It is very similar to a 420 or 470, it is from the '70's era and his mainsail...
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    ready to launch!

    Our winter project is almost test launch! :D Stopped counting the hours invested a while back, but we spent some great moments refurbishing my young daughter's Laser, her first, not likely the last! The story in short, bought it last spring for a great deal, needed TLC, but I...
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    Laser Dimensions

    Laser is away in winter storage with no easy access. I am working on a new project and need to get dimensions to the Laser. Got the general ones from various sites, looked into our archives here without any luck. I am trying to established dimensions of the cockpit lenght. width and location...
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    floating containers

    Finally the mystery of the in-hull floating containers has been resolved.:) For months, we have been reading about these illusive contraptions without being able to find ours on the old laser. When we opened an inpsection hole on the foward deck, we expected to find one there and even by...
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    Mast step

    Right, up north the sailing season is definitively over, just waiting for the snow now... time for winter boat projects. (plural that is!) Several jobs to be done to refurbish the old laser, thanks to the information found here we are well prepared. Will keep track of project and photos for...
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    SF bay

    Heading to SF next week to tour around. Any great shops for Laser gear in the area???? Thanks for your help. GG
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    Laser wolrds 2009 Halifax

    After checking out pictures of the Laser Worlds on Which are great!!! Now I would love to see some videos of the races or portion of or anything, any ideas where this can be found???:) Cheers, GG
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    Water in hull

    Took my daughter's laser out for a good spin yesterday, great wind and got her planing a few times, now I understand why you bunch a people are so maniac about the lasers!!! Far better rush than sailing on our fat keelboat:rolleyes:. Here's the issue, after 2 hours in good waves, I found quite...
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    laser race course

    I have trying to find out the actual lenght of a typical laser regatta race course, without much sucess. Although I am well aware that the course confirguration layout and length, is typically decided by the race committee in light of the conditions on the day of the race. I am just trying...
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    bent top section

    The young princess was out in some good strong wind, testing her limits and thus of our vintage laser:cool:. Came back with a bent top mast section. It is only slightly bent above (1 feet) the joint portion with the bottom section. Can I safely try to "un-bend" using force or am I simply going...
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    new laser

    After fnding a great deal on this used, not loved enough Laser, we have started the repair and refurbishing of my daughter new (old 1974) laser.:cool: She is thrilled at the prospect at launching it this week-end (mind you water still at 5C, 42F around here!) With the help of various posts...
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    laser sailor stickers

    to all, Trying to find where I can purchase a "Laser Sailor" sticker such as the one shown on the attached picture. Would love to find it locally in Quebec or Ontario, Canada. I also know I can get shipped from anywhere, really just want to find a place to buy it.:) Your help is greatly...
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    Laser parts Vancouver

    To all, I am new to this community and to laser sailing. Just bought one for my young teenage daughter, not to say that Dad won't be palying with it!!! ;-) Although we are located in Quebec city, we are haeding for a trip to Vancouver and would be curious to check the best place in town for...