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  1. Andy B

    The Latest News From TheLaserClass

    You can read the page here.
  2. Andy B

    ILCA Logo

    Which is the official ILCA logo and how do they manage to use the Laser starburst? The sails are different again with no starburst.
  3. Andy B

    The future of the laser: sorcerer's apprentices and the goose that lays the golden eggs by Gilles GLUCK

    This is a piece which was published on the front page of the Association France Laser web site in March 2020. It was written by a Grand Master Gilles Gluck. It is 20 pages long and talks about how the Laser arrived in Europe and why it took off before looking at the many changes which have taken...
  4. Andy B


    Could I make a Laero by putting an Aero 7 rig on a Laser? Would it sail properly and be correctly balanced? Or should I just buy an ARC2 as I will be too old to sail by the time the C rigs are available?
  5. Andy B

    National Class Contributions?

    Does anyone know how much each National Association contributes to ILCA per National Association member? I seem to recall a figure of about $25 but that would be nearly 50% of National Subs.
  6. Andy B

    EurILCA extraordinary meeting

    I found this link to a report on the EurILCA EAGM. If it is accurate it would seem that the majority of the European Regions do not wish to maintain the existing relationship with ILCA, 14 voted in favour of change and 11 against. But, because the result on the way forward was split, they are...
  7. Andy B

    Carbon Radial Section Released in the UK

    Sailboats are advertising this as available from from last Monday the 2 March. PSA Carbon Lower Mast Compatible With ILCA 6 / Radial - Class Legal | Dinghy Sailing at List price £849 offer price £719 Class Legal Ali part £186. For comparison Laser Carbon Mast Complete: List...
  8. Andy B

    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    Since the introduction of the MK6 Radial I had been sailing with a 6:1 Cunningham but with the MK2 Standard I found I needed an 8:1. After trying several combinations I opted for a two block system as shown on South East Sailboats. I found the best blocks were the Allen because the sheaves are...
  9. Andy B

    MK2 Standard sail - Class Legal, Class Compliant or Training Sail

    My local laser approved UK supplier is offering three variants of the MK2 sail - you can see them here - Laser Sails & Rigs - Laser Standard Radial 4.7 Boats and Spares - Class Spares - Single Handed - Class Spares - Shop by Boat | Dinghy Sailing at Interesting, $120 extra for...
  10. Andy B

    New Traveller Cleat Approved?

    Are these links correct about the new traveller cleat as nothing on the ILCA site yet. If it is true it seems like a step in the right direction and I will buy two tomorrow. New Style Traveller Clamcleat<sup>®</sup> You need to login for this one. Security Check Required
  11. Andy B

    Centreboard Friction Pad - New or Old Design?

    Which type of pad do sailors feel is best? I ask because I think the new style pad may have stressed the board on my old 200000 boat and I had to repair board at the point where the pad sits when the board is fully down. The board is the new glass type. My new boat has come out of the factory...
  12. Andy B

    Composite Top Section - Any News?

    The Olympics are over for another four years and all the Laser Championships are nearly finished. It would seem to be the ideal time to release the composite top section. Does anyone have any idea if this is going to happen soon?
  13. Andy B

    Bent Top and Radial Sections - Why are they illegal?

    Having just had to write off a Radial Bottom section after a very bad death roll I realised I don't actually know why bent sections are illegal. Is it they just do not comply with the rules, or, is there really a performance advantage to be had from using a bent spars? Your thoughts would be...