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  1. monkey_feet

    Laser stuff for sale! Masts, trailer, sails

    Hello, selling a few items that I don't have a need for anymore... Trailex Laser Trailer - $800 (retail is $1047) 4.7 Lower Section class legal - $150 class legal sail with fold bag and battens - $125 tiller with carbon fiber tiller ext- $75 Two class legal full rig sails (no bag or battens) -...
  2. monkey_feet

    Wanted Laser (radial)

    I'm looking for a used Laser for my daughter. If you have a boat in the Texas / OK area that you would like to sell. I'm willing to drive. Boat must be stiff and no delimitation. I'm not too picky on the year. Just needs to be solid (no cracks around mast step too). I would prefer a boat...
  3. monkey_feet

    Practice Hulls

    Fellow Laser sailors... As most of you know, you can buy a "practice" just about anything for the Laser except hulls. Well, I have found a source for that. I'm doing a survey to see if there is an interest in something like this. If you would like more information, just send me a pm...
  4. monkey_feet

    1983 Laser Starter Boat with MANY EXTRAS

    Hello, I'm selling my kids early 80's Laser. It's a good boat in good shape. It was a barn find about three years ago, and has not been sailed that hard since we purchased it. It literally sat in a warehouse from 1983 until I purchased it a couple of years ago! You don't find boats like this...
  5. monkey_feet


    I need to get a new mast base. What size rivets should I get?
  6. monkey_feet

    Laserpalooza 2016

    Fellow Laser Sailors... My club is hosting the final stop for the District 15 circuit. I would like to invite you to join us (or at least like our FB page!) You can find us at @AYCLaserpalooza Thank you and hope to see you join us. Lots of pictures and fun stuff will be there!!!
  7. monkey_feet

    Rio 2016 - Do they sell the boats?

    If they do... Any idea who to contact to inquire about purchase?
  8. monkey_feet

    2005 Laser in Arlington, TX for Sale

    For sale is my 2005 laser. This boat never saw the water until 2007 when I bought it. It's in very good shape and has just about everything you need to get started or upgrade! What you will get. Boat XD Rig Dolly with oversized tires Cover All new line this year Harken Cleats Zhik hiking...
  9. monkey_feet

    Super stoked for my new sail

    I have my new radial cut sail on order!!! Can't wait for it to come in!!! The only catch... I had to fork over $65 for new battens. Those will soon be worth their weight in gold! I'm going to have mine etched with my name. :)
  10. monkey_feet

    Is anyone building Lasers these days?

    I know the whole lawsuit with LP and Bruce is putting a cramp in getting a new boat in the United States, but is anyone making Lasers anywhere else?
  11. monkey_feet

    Looking for Kittyhawk Trailer

    hello, I'm looking for a used Kittyhawk trailer. Willing to travel to pick it up. I'm in the Dallas area. Feel free to e mail me. Jack dot hattendorf a-t g mail d c o m
  12. monkey_feet

    Wanted used Lasers for fleet building in Arlington, TX

    Hello, we are starting a laser fleet in Arlington, TX. If you have a boat for sale, please send me a private message. Don't worry to much about geo. many of our members travel for a living. We are looking for both starter and newer. Jack
  13. monkey_feet

    Help save my laser fleet and yacht club!

    Hello, I wanted to post this out to my fellow Laser Sailors. My sailing club in Arlington, TX is under siege by the city that owns the property we until a judgement a couple of weeks ago was supposed to be under lease until 2025. LONG story short. The city wants to "master plan" the park...
  14. monkey_feet

    Sailing Anarchy

    I went to check out, and it's been seized by the Feds??? Any information about it? Were they going to promote the Torch? (HAHA)
  15. monkey_feet

    Any new news?

    Anything new to report on the Kirby v Laser Performance suit? Looked at the other thread, and it looks like some legal motions... That's about it.
  16. monkey_feet

    My Yacht Club Needs Your Help!!! Hello everyone, my yacht club is in jeopardy, and I need your help!!! We have a small fleet of Lasers on Lake Arlington in Arlington, TX. The Arlington Yacht Club is a small member run organization that leases land...
  17. monkey_feet

    My new boat, hull ID help

    Hello. I just bought another boat for my kid, and I want to make sure I'm getting the hull number right. The HID is ZFSB0316M83G I see that it was made in 1983 in August (don't know what the "G" means) in Canada. I have the sail number being 110,316 Am I right? JH
  18. monkey_feet

    Upcoming Regatta in Arlington, TX - LASERPALOOZA

    Make plans to come down (or up) to the Arlington Yacht Club in Arlington, TX for the 3rd annual Laserpalooza regatta. This is also the Dist 15 Championship, so it will prove to be some great racing! Here is the website. Hope to see you there.
  19. monkey_feet

    1994 Laser For Sale in Arlington, TX

    I have a 1994 (151,060) Laser for sale that I have restored... It would be a great starter boat for anyone wanting to get into the Laser. These boats are very hard to find, so don't pass this one up. The boat has been sailed less than a dozen times since I have done the work to it. Kids want a...
  20. monkey_feet

    Laser Radial Sail for Sale

    I'm selling a Laser Radial sail on Ebay. Click here to bid if you are interested.