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    Tire Pressure for Sunfish Dolly Wheels

    While I live a the shore, my place is still nearly a mile from where I can launch the sailboat. So to get to the water, I have been towing the sunfish using a tricycle (a Taga to be specific) and the Seitech dolly that has the standard 5x14 wheels. Does any one know the max tire...
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    3D printing parts

    Does anyone have a file (STEP) for the rudder cheeks? I have seen files for spar caps and even a rudder but not the cheeks. My son prints many items with his 3d printer using ABS plastic; I would love to give a go at sunfish parts. Having seen what he does for his nerf guns and robots for...
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    NEW JERSEY WTB Pico parts

    I’m a sunfish guy but came into possession of a pico hull. Looking to buy a rudder and daggerboard as they were lost along the way.
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    What to wear in Maryland; fall and spring sailing

    Neoprene boots for my feet and a bathing suit. My legs don’t get that cold if my core is warm.
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    What to wear in Maryland; fall and spring sailing

    spray top keeps my core & arms warm and mostly dry good for the early spring then later into the fall. Use for sailing sunfish and catamarans on barnegat bay NJ.
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    shopping and fixing questions

    Very interesting. I will try this soon. Thanks.
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    shopping and fixing questions

    What are the rope tricks?
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    Water hiding in Hull!

    Interested to hear as well. I too put a new plug on my fish. Drained a decent amount of water yesterday after an hour on Barnegat Bay, but could still hear some sloshing around. We put the new plug near the rail akin to the factory plug on the other side. We tilted the boat on its side...
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    Best way to attach dry bag/bring snacks and sunscreen

    Although I sail Hobies and sunfish the idea is the same: I fasten a dry bag to the mast for some items but for the cell phone I keep it in a drylock bag attached to my lifejacket and in the pocket. That way its always on me. The one time i really needed it, it was right there to call...