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    FREE New Web Services for districts, fleets, clubs, etc.

    D2 will be with you pretty soon Thanks!!! Good winds François Sylvestre
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    No Excuses Now! New Sail....

    Don't worry, you will certainly find something like "The wind was all over the place", " I'm too light for this kind of wind (I wish I could say that!!! :p )" or "This guy got lucky with the last shift" and so on. I guess we can come up with an infinite number of excuses to explain sub...
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    Dr. Laser site??

    From what I have read in that thread, I should be back soon (hopefully)!!! :) " Homepage is offline " Sorry I do not know how to hyperlink to the thread. François Sylvestre
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    Laser Prices

    Well emilebr, That is an interesting concept. How much would a laser cost in terms of beers? ;) After very scientific calculation I guestimate that here it would cost somewhere around 2,200 beers (in a bar!!!) That's a thought evening :rolleyes: Ciao François
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    Yachts & Yachting article (Dec. 04)

    I just bought the December edition of Yacht & Yachting (from the UK). Great issue with lots of dinghy coverage and above all, a nice article about the Laser. It warms my thoughts on such cold days. Is that magazine always as good? It is a great change from the US "big boat" magazines...
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    Size of Aluminium tubing / Dolly

    Well, I never thought that such a simple question would raise so many philosophical questions. Thanks you all for you input and to be honest you make me wonder what is the best option. I do have a very good job and I earn good income. I also have three kids and unfortunatly, like the...
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    Size of Aluminium tubing / Dolly

    Hi all, I want to build my own dolly and I have no access to a Seitech dolly right now. Can anyone tell me what is the size of the tubing, and the thickness of the wall? I plan to use the Vosper plan that you can see on the Dr Laser site but in aluminium. Did anyone try it? Do you have...
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    things to do to your new boat...

    Thank you ! I will try that! François
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    things to do to your new boat...

    About the adjustable hicking strap, how do you rig that? I have look at Ben Ainslie's book but I do not understant the picture. Can anyone help? Thanks François Sylvestre
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    Re: "end to my days as an ILCA-NA member"

    Congratulations! I wish you all the best, and keep the passion in your life and in you sailing!!!... François Sylvestre
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    Wow! I have rarley seen someone read by-laws with such attention to details. Great work! Although I do not have the ability to comment on the constitutionality aspects, I am certainly worried by the fact that there seem to be a bias to creat an "elite" controlled organisation. As an...
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    Laser Radial Worlds Bottom Section

    I may be missing something but from what Tom wrote, this is not an ILCA's mistake but a builder's mistake. And if a builder sold parts or a boat that is not class legal, it should, as suggested by Tom, replace the illegal part or boat... My two cents... François
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    Silva 103 P

    Hi, I have a nice Silva 103 P made to be fixed to the mast of my old I14. Is it possible to retrofit it to be used on a laser? It should not be that difficult but I was woundering if anyone had done it and how! Thanks François