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    LASER 2007 For Sale

    Could you send pictures, if you have them to A few questions: Are you the original owner? Any flaws with the boat? Why are you selling? Is the price negotiable? Thanks, Drew
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    '05 laser Full or Radial, dolly, etc, Race ready

    Greetings, Hope all went well in Fl. I would like to coordinate with you on your way back up to check out the boat. Meanwhile, if you have any pictures, please send them along. Please contact me at I live west of Boston near Mass Pike and 495. Thanks, Drew
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    Advice for really HEAVY winds -what a blast

    Yesterday was the harshest wind I've been in yet. The sailboarder dudes said it was a steady 30kts with one gust at 44. I managed not to die, managed not to capsize, managed not to break the boat. I did the same thing that the sailboarders were doing ... going from shore to shore on blazing...