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    laser speed in different wind speed and height

    The free online Laser Manual offers good technical advice for those learning to sail a Laser fast, and includes a polar diagram. Cheers
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    Problems going straight, fighting the helm

    I agree sounds like the mainsheet is too tight. You need to balance the boat's heading with the tiller and adjust the mainsheet so there is minimal pressure on the tiller - healing may also be an issue as this tends to increase weather helm. This free manual may help...
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    Training center for oldsters

    Try this free online manual which provides a good introduction to racing and improving your techniques.
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    young laser sailor looking to get better

    Yeah try the training manual. Its free! and Online! see Cheers,
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    Pointing, tacking in strong wind

    Hi, Have a look at the Free OnlineTraining Manual It has lots of advice on depowering techniques. Cheers
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    Laser Training Manual

    The Free ONLINE Manual has been revised. see Cheers, John
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    Pointing, tacking in strong wind

    Hi, Have a look at the online training manual (its FREE) - it provides lots of advice on depowering.
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    Laser Training Manual

    Hi Rusty, Your enquiry is very timely. I have returned to Laser sailing after a 20 year lay-off to sail with my two teenage sons who have just started sailing Lasers. Many years ago I developed a Laser Manual for just the purpose you mention. I have resurrected it and added two new sections...