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    Tiller extension stick length

    Hi everybody, can somebody tell me how long is the standard tiller extension on the sunfish? i have a turkish Rota super sunfish. many thanks Stefano
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    Is this a sunfish?

    MANY THANKS!!!! It seems exactly this one. I received another mail from the owner (he starts to hate me :D) and he said that it has a laser rig, no shrouds (in the one of Bartuz the one in front is not a shroud, but the cable to hang up the sail ("drizza" in italian, no idea in english). Many...
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    Is this a sunfish?

    Hi there, In the clone fish section I found nothing very similar, but I've just received an e-mail from the seller. It is a Turkei version of the sunfish (go figure :D) called süper sunfish, with a roomier cockpit and a storage room on the back. I asked if the rig was lateen (as the sunfish)...
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    Is this a sunfish?

    Hi to all, I'm new here... I just bought a small boat on ebay, but: On the auction it stands it is a sailfish. Now, I live in Switzerland and by us the sunfish is unknown, so I've no experience on it; but the pictures he later seems quite different from the sunfish. F.I. the "hole"...