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    Sunfish hull lines

    My family owns an early 70s sunfish with a rather beat hull that seems to need some sort of repair every year - installed inspection ports/dried it out/reglued foam, repaired fine cracks. It has seen some hard use from many people over the years. Now that it is all banged up I appear to be the...
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    New england/ NH sailing.

    Have you considered Lake Winnipesaukee? It's big as inlands go. I'm over in Central Vt. I've got my sunfish parked at Lake Elmore where my family has a camp. The lake is small - 1/2m wide by 1m long but w/great winds.
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    Using a Sunfish for sailing/camping

    Ayeh, hadn't considered the drag thing and how it would alter the theoretical center of the boat. You see large sailboats draging dingies once in a while but in that case I suppose the additional drag is negligible. Cool article at mindspring. Sounds like alot of work but quite ideal in the...
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    Using a Sunfish for sailing/camping

    Does anyone have experience using a sunfish as the means of transport for a camping adventure? I have enjoyed canoe camping in the past and am thinking it might be a better way to go being solar powered so to speak. I can invision needing to tow a small lightweight waterproof cargo boat...
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    Old Wooden Fish Pictures and Vertical Hinge Plate Problems/Questions

    I wish you had posted this three days ago. I just brought my pre 1972 rudder hinge in to be welded.. I still haven't got it back. If it gets botched I'd be interested in buying yours. Does anyone know - are wood boats lighter than fiberglass? How about stiffness and performance? Jim
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    How can you determine age of SunFish?

    There's a yahoo forum - They have a file in the files section that gives a history with serial nos. You may have to be a member to view it. I am, so I looked up your SN 6123. It suggest it's between...
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    How to weigh hull

    FYI I just weighed mine. It was manufactured in 68. As a lead in: It developped a leak a few years ago. We store it outside and the freezing water broke open the hull right under the cockpit. This has been repaired. After joining this forum I decided to install a couple of inspection ports. I...
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    Newbie - Front handle + other observations

    Great idea porpoise2. Thanks
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    Newbie - Front handle + other observations

    1. Yes, I do mean the bow handle. 2. Well, I only transport the six packs, but not a bad idea. It would be be handy to secure it during a paddle out of a bay to windier reaches for example, or during setup. If I let that tiller flounder for a second it seems to default to an aggressive angle. I...
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    Newbie - Front handle + other observations

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Sunfish Forum. We have had a late sixties Sunfish in the family since about 74 and I'm just beggining to reapreciate this little boat. I went for a couple of white knuckle sails here in VT this labor day weekend and had a ball. I flipped it twice - lost a cell...