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    Sunfish hull lines

    My family owns an early 70s sunfish with a rather beat hull that seems to need some sort of repair every year - installed inspection ports/dried it out/reglued foam, repaired fine cracks. It has seen some hard use from many people over the years. Now that it is all banged up I appear to be the...
  2. J

    Using a Sunfish for sailing/camping

    Does anyone have experience using a sunfish as the means of transport for a camping adventure? I have enjoyed canoe camping in the past and am thinking it might be a better way to go being solar powered so to speak. I can invision needing to tow a small lightweight waterproof cargo boat...
  3. J

    Newbie - Front handle + other observations

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Sunfish Forum. We have had a late sixties Sunfish in the family since about 74 and I'm just beggining to reapreciate this little boat. I went for a couple of white knuckle sails here in VT this labor day weekend and had a ball. I flipped it twice - lost a cell...