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    Competitive Weight

    At 110kgs I find this a very interesting thread and the comments about working hard down wind are so very true. In any wind where we are going on and off the plane I'm very slow downwind, once it is light enough that no-one is planing I'm OK and again if everyone is planing I'm not too badly...
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    North vs Hyde Sails & Practice sails

    I'm looking at buying a new sail. I think I'll get an official and a practice sail at the same time. So I have a couple of questions, why the difference in price between Hyde and North sails? Is there a difference in quality and also what experiences have people had with ISails and other...
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    By the Lee

    Very interested in this area as I've had occassional success and occassional park whilst others flow by. Quarter up, I'm thinking around the first battern, will try that straight away. Thanks.
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    Do spars deteriorate?

    Had a look at the spar on the weekend, it is straight but the collar (is that what it is called?) that the bottom section comes up against moves a bit with some slop in the rivets. Each plastic bit has been put on with 2 rivets, I'm starting to think it might be better with just one. This...
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    Do spars deteriorate?

    I'm looking at getting a new top section for my mast but have been offered the top section from a very old laser that has hardly been used in the last 5 to 10 years. Does it lose any flexibility or change in any way with age?
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    New Tiller doesn't fit??

    Just purchased a new carbon tiller to replace a very old bulky aluminium tiller. However, when I push the new one into the rudder casing it doesn't fit. It hardly pushes in at all and is very lose when I do get it in a bit. Do I need a tiller jam, a new tiller box section or is it possible to...
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    8.1 Sail performance and handicap

    Greetings, I'm new to this forum, but have been sailing lasers since 1990; to be honest not really as I spent from about 1992 to 2008 without racing but it sounds better the other way. Recently I've been doing reasonably well in the club racing almost always in the top 3 sometimes first (of...