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  1. garrickm78

    Hull Refurb

    Thanks for the tips! I'll probably start with the bottom paint work and then hopefully try out the compound and wax. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I dig into it.
  2. garrickm78

    Hull Refurb

    I've got a '92 Mod II that besides an old coat of bottom paint and possibly some wax, has never had any work done to the fiberglass. It has some minor surface cracks in high stress areas, but nothing requiring any patching. I want to freshen it up but am unsure what my options are. At a...
  3. garrickm78

    Transporting and Storing

    I built some really simple brackets out of 2x4s that attach at the mast step (used the mast bolt to hold) and over the transom (used a tiller stantion to hold). I then use bungees to hold the mast in the bracket. Has worked well on short and long trips.
  4. garrickm78

    Unfortunatly I didn't use any plans, just used the old pieces as templates for the new ones.

    Unfortunatly I didn't use any plans, just used the old pieces as templates for the new ones.
  5. garrickm78

    Sail Preference

    I'm starting to research sails to replace the original set on my '90 14.2. I don't need racing sails, but I do want to retain a roller jib. My original sails have a nice white, red, and blue pattern that I like, but it seems anything but white sails cost extra. Any tips or reviews on sails...
  6. garrickm78

    Boom screw holes bored out

    I hadn't thought much about drilling out the eye, thanks for the idea.
  7. garrickm78

    Boom screw holes bored out

    At some point before I owned my '90 14.2 the boom vang eye pulled out of the boom and stripped the screw holes. I've gotten a new eye and tried installing it but the holes in the boom are way too big. Any ideas for repairing without replacing the boom?
  8. garrickm78

    Cubby Upgrade

    The weight of the flooring inside the cuddy was definately something I was concerned about. I used pressure treated 1x4s and didn't do a solid floor to keep it as light as possible. I think the total weight added was 10-15 pounds from what I could tell. My U1 battery that powers my trolling...
  9. garrickm78

    Cubby Upgrade

    Thanks! Unfortunatly I don't have plans, just did my best to replicate the 3 trim pieces using the old pieces as templates. I didn't have easy access or want to spend a lot on teak, so I used oak instead and put several coats of marine poly to seal it. Adding the outlet was easy, once you...
  10. garrickm78

    Anyone tried these boat covers?

    I purchased a Top Gun cover last fall and it's been great so far. I usually don't travel with the cover on, but it's been great at protecting my boat over the winter since it's stored outside.
  11. garrickm78

    where do you sail?

    Lake Guntersville and Lake Wheeler near Huntsville, AL.
  12. garrickm78

    Cubby Upgrade

    Update I've finished the door finally. It's made out of oak plywood and sealed with poly. I've got a gasket behind it to hopefully be watertight when closed.
  13. garrickm78

    Cubby Upgrade

    I have a 92 Mod II and wanted more storage. I read about other people who had removed the fiberglass sleeve and added a door, basically reverting it to the Mod I configuration, and wanted to give it a try. I also wanted a frame to mount a battery in since I use a trolling motor. I also ran...
  14. garrickm78

    Mod 2 Capri Cuddy -Storage Bin- FREE !!

    Storage Cuddy Question I have a mod II as well and am interested in removing the cuddy as well. How did you make a door for it and/or where did you get the parts to make a door?