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  1. beldar boathead

    2007 Vanguard Sunfish - Hull Only

    Does the deck look like this? 2006 sunfish with dolly excellent condition
  2. beldar boathead

    Bailer Cap

    I don’t think so. There are two different length in-hull pieces but only 1 plug.
  3. beldar boathead

    Bailer Cap

    It would be a very ineffective cap if it did fit as it has a huge hole right in the middle!
  4. beldar boathead

    Delamination repair vs. gel coat repair

    Marine Tex certainly works, but why are you not also saying gelcoat works to fix gelcoat cracks?
  5. beldar boathead

    Old Sunfish in Wisconsin

    That sail on the Porpoise is an official, from the factory, Sunfish sail. That scheme was unbelievably popular back in the 70s.
  6. beldar boathead

    Old Sunfish in Wisconsin

    Hi, official Sunfish sails very occasionally have the logo smear over time. Who knows why. I’ve seen a lot of Sunfish but never seen one with that color sail. But “back in the day” they used to let you custom order an official sail in your choice of colors, so that is likely the story here...
  7. beldar boathead

    Delamination repair vs. gel coat repair

    I don’t think you can generalize like that based on spider cracks. Plus delamination isn’t a common Sunfish problem.
  8. beldar boathead

    New to forums, a few questions...

    . How about a sturdy sapling for the mast? I’d try to smooth out the bark and then you should be good to go.
  9. beldar boathead

    Rock Damage

    I also don’t think it’s possible that damage that’s about 1/2 inch long can be “structural”.
  10. beldar boathead

    Rock Damage

    That’s very minor damage - likely no deeper than the gelcoat. Take a piece of 120 grit sandpaper and rough it up a bit. Then either use some white Marine Tex to fill things in, or use white gel coat. APS sells a tube of white gel coat - it’s a one part product where “real” gelcoat is 2-part...
  11. beldar boathead

    New to forums, a few questions...

    I don’t think Virginia is a Sunfish hotbed but they are around. By next sailing season I bet you’ll have found what you need used.
  12. beldar boathead

    Maiden voyage

    What a beautiful spot!!!!
  13. beldar boathead

    Winter storage

    If you are keeping the boat inside and on the dolly no need to turn it upside down.
  14. beldar boathead

    1979 Sunfish restoration

    Just be careful if you have to stand on the deck. A wet, waxed deck is very slippery.
  15. beldar boathead

    Alcort Catfish

    The "only 1 of 3 in existence" reminds me of the guy who claimed Alcort Hilus were very rare and commanding $20K resale prices AMF Hilu Fortunately this Catfish seller seems to realize his boat is not worth a small fortune!
  16. beldar boathead

    Alcort Catfish

    Just how long is the mainsheet?? Looks like it would be miles long!!
  17. beldar boathead

    Help for old timers Rigging

    A flatter sail would have been better how? Was he out of control and needing less power? The vang on a Sunfish is crude but effective - it does a fine job of keeping the boom down. The boom is very bent while just sitting on the beach when a very tight vang is applied.
  18. beldar boathead

    Beyond the corner of the stern?

    Yes, that is it. If you were to look down from above, the boom would be not further in than above the corner where the transom meets the side of the boat. If you sheet in further the sail stalls and you slow down.
  19. beldar boathead

    New Here, Daggerboard question

    What does that mean?
  20. beldar boathead

    Length of main sheet with ratchet block

    Upon further reading it looks like stripping the cover is used on the part of a halyard that goes through a lot of turns and is aloft is a popular move and pulling out the core is done at the tail. Haven’t seen much about this for sheets but I am planning to stop looking!!! In any event this...