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    Wanted:  Jib and furler

    Looking for a furler setup for a 14.2, noothing fancy just operational......
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    Wanted:  furler for 14.2 or working alternate

    Looking for jib furler that will work on a 14.2
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    Painting the bottom

    The boat I purchased was used in salt water around Long Beach. I believe it was pulled from the water after each use and parked on it's trailer at the Yacht club. The bottom is painted blue and that has all but completely chipped off. Under the blue paint is a silver finish which i'm not sure...
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    gelcoat cracking

    I just acquired, what I hope to be, a fun little sailboat that my grandchildren can learn to sail on. It is an '86 model and seems to be in decent shape. I know very little about boats but have picked some really valuable information today from this site in regards to "tweaks" and maintenance...