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    J/24 Jib for sale

    I have an older Sobstad Jib with luff bolt rope and tab snaps in good working order. Recently reinforced battens. A good heavy weather sail for club racing or cruising. $350 + shipping. Photos available.
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    front acrylic piece for the hatch for a 1977 J24 !!

    Suggestion. Take your hatch to a local glass shop and ask to replace the piece with Lexan (tinted). I did that and it worked out super.
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    Wanted - Used Blade Jib

    I may have what you need. Please reply using email.
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    Blade For Sale

    I am interested. Please reply in direct message. Thank you. Thanks, Doug
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    North Sails for Sale

    Rick I’m not sure you saw my post correcting my email address. It’s My bad. Hope to see your photos of the blade soon. Stay healthy. Doug
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    North Sails for Sale

    Thank you.
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    North Sails for Sale

    Rick, I am interested in the blade. Can you please sent photos to I am located in Savannah. Thanks, Doug
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    Wanted - used Blade

    I am looking for a used Blade to use for club racing. Prefer brass hanks and tell tail window.
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    2013 North Genoa $575

    I’m interested in your Genoa. Please send pics.
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    Topping lift

    44’ is the standard length. 6mm
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    North sails (Genoa and Spinn)

    I am interested in the spinnaker. Can you send photos to Thanks
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    Ok. Is the boom fitting available?
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    The strap is illustrated in the image of the Vang rigging but not detailed as to what it is.
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    Thanks. That’s what I am looking for (image-wise) but I think a mast strap would be too big for the boom
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    Wanted: Boom vang strap

    I’m looking for a J/24 boom vang strap that can be attached to the boom. Any leads will be appreciated.
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    J24 Main, Jib, Genoa, and Spinnakers

    I’m looking for a good Genoa used for 2-3 seasons for use in club racing. Can you send photos and price to