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    Wanted Laser To Race In The Midwest

    I am located in Northern Iowa, want a Laser to race in the Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin area. Looking to spend $4k or less.
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    Looking For A Laser Within 4 Hours Of Central Iowa

    as the title says, i'm looking for a quality laser (race condition) within 4 hours any direction of Central/North Iowa... MSP, Chicago, KC, etc.... Willing to spend up to $3500 for a good race boat. Dan
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    I'm sure most will think this is a silly question but I suppose I'll ask anyway: Have we hit hull # 200,000? I don't race much (once a year at best) in the Laser and have yet to see one. Just curious. Thanks. Dan
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    Shipping a boat after purchase

    Has anyone on here ever used a firm such as in order to move a boat after buying it? I live in D21 and there seems to be a real lack of used boats in this district, most are 1000+ miles away.
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    Fall Sailing Gear

    I know the question has been asked many times, i've done multiple searches and found mostly ideas suitable for frostbiting, not quite the conditions we've got here. Here's the situation: Drysuit zipper ripped out, so I have no drysuit to wear. Air temps in the mid 50's, water temps...
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    Starting a new fleet?

    Right now I'm sailing on a predominately scow lake. Myself and another guy are trying to get a fleet of Lasers started at our lake for a number of reasons. 1. Our club is an ageing club and we are losing members at a steady rate. Scows aren't exactly the most affordable of boats. (I...
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    Competitive Life of a Laser?

    As mentioned in previous threads I was looking at restoring a 1984 Laser. Well the work is complete and I've got a friend who really wants to buy it and race it, however, he is worried about the competitive life span. My question is this: Assume this hull is now perfectly smooth, weighs...
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    Hiking Bench

    In my spare time, while trying not to freeze this afternoon I have built a hiking bench. While not the specs of a Laser should be very helpfull for anyone looking. Pics and specs soon. Danno
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    Wanted: Good race boat....

    I'm looking for a good used race boat in the Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin area. Basically D21/20. Will travel for a good deal. Thanks. Danno
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    Trailer and Dolly?

    Ok so here's what i'm looking for. A trailer that i can both put the boat and dolly on. In particular something i can leave the boat on the dolly and pull it onto the trailer itself. I have a few ideas of how to do this but i am looking for something concrete. has any laser sailor out...
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    I've got 2 Lasers currently, one of which is a yellow 1984. The gelcoat is starting to fade and I'm looking at the best way to make her look good again. I've read some of the other posts and many have suggested using Awlgrip which seems like a great cost effective and less labor intesive way...