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    Hi, Can I use a shackle between the vang fitting and a pulley in my cunningham? Thanks.
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    Laser parts in Miami

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and going to Miami next september 28th. Where can I find Laser parts there? Thanks.
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    Tangled mainsheet

    Hi, How you avoid tangled mainsheet when tacking. I'm always have a bad time with my mainsheet lately. The mainsheet always get in my foot.
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    Boom front, rear end and mast step

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and own Laser #163527. I'm trying to make her as new as I can and trying to change the plastic front end (at the gooseneck), rear end and the mast step end. I have already removed the rivet at the boom front end but the plastic part is stuck, any tips on how to remove...
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    North x Hyde

    Hi, is there any real difference, beside the price, betwen North and Hyde standard sails?