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    Gul one piece dry suit for sale, never used located in Halifax, NS dirtrict 1, $150 canadian and its yours, shipping can be arranged. contact Alex Teeft (902) 497-4213
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    black diamond tiller

    i know this is an irrelivent question, but its been getting to me and i just cant figure it out, on teh end of my black diamond tiller (rudder end) theres like a hole with crinkly stuff in it, it almost seems like some type of plastic, what is this stuff? and whys it there?
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    year of boats

    what year boats does everyone on here sail? it seems to be more talk of old boats than new ones
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    acme black diamond

    I just got a new ACME black diamond tiller and it seems very different to black diamond my coach has, the one he has seems to be made a lot different and looks a little more high quality. also it was a sticker that says "black diamond" where mine does not. Mine also fits soo loosly in teh rudder...
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    since i dont know how to make a poll, how many of you guys use carbon tillers, how many use aluminum and how many still use wood
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    sailing heros

    I was just wondering who you looked up to in sailing when you were growing up? i know for me being 14 i look up to a lot of people but my most admired people would have to be andrew childs who proves to all of us around here that anything can happin if you train hard, and also being a radial...
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    Tiller extentions

    I have looked through a lot of old threds but there hasn't been a lot of talk about tiller extentions. what do you guys use and how long? let hear it all