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    umm i'm 5'11", 150lbs and 33 inch waist, and it fits me well, but im my mind its too big for me because i like everything super slim on me when im sailing i just find its too big for my liking, i can take a picture of it tomorrow and send it to you, you can try it on if you like any time you...
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    yes i will be at ark, you can call me if you want me to bring it
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    i got it at christmas, and never wore it because it was too big and i decided i didnt wanna wear a dry suit sailing, its a mens large, and it doesnt have the latex seals, its the gul semi dry design where it has sealable rubber cuffs, not like teh one piece tapered seals, it will stil keep you...
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    Gul one piece dry suit for sale, never used located in Halifax, NS dirtrict 1, $150 canadian and its yours, shipping can be arranged. contact Alex Teeft (902) 497-4213
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    daring youth vs. skilled maturity

    from what i see, it's more of an aspect of younger sailors have coaches out there watching them train and its a lot easier to fix your mistakes when you have someone watching you outside the boat and analizing your sailing. from that i think younger sailors have an advantage from being able to...
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    Laser starts Rock'n Roll on a broad reach

    as the boat starts gaining speed on a reach, you will have more of a head wind meaning sheeting in or have the boat be unstable as it is undersheeted. with the chop, work the waves, pumping your sail on waves and surfing if possible doesnt seem like it will make your boat anymore stable, but...
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    whats supposed to be inside of the laser?

    my dad was going to a few meetings around there anyways so me and my mother went along for a trip and the vanguard factory was only a 45 minute drive from one of the meetings anyways so it was well worth it
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    whats supposed to be inside of the laser?

    when i went to the laser factory to pick up my new boat they gave me a tour of the production area and i took some pictures, heres the link if anyone is intrested it might give you a better thought about what the inside of the boats look like
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    Need Advise

    go with the dollie
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

    i got a gul one piece spray suit, and a picture of the boat my parents bought fo rme 2 months ago (big box, little picture) merry christmakkah
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    The rules on sponsorships

    i have 2 sponsors and they occupy the space on either side of the bow of my boat and either side of the stren, both above teh waterline that is. and i have a 5 story igloo with a 2 story garage for my sled dogs to live in!
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    Breaking news from ISAF

    and well deservied by robert
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    How'd he do that?

    coulda been attributed to his weight placement in the boat, and control settings?
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    Ideal Weight for laser std sailor

    i have always known it as min 160lbs and max 180
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    black diamond tiller

    thats actually pretty intresting now i know what it is, thanks for the quick reply
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    black diamond tiller

    i know this is an irrelivent question, but its been getting to me and i just cant figure it out, on teh end of my black diamond tiller (rudder end) theres like a hole with crinkly stuff in it, it almost seems like some type of plastic, what is this stuff? and whys it there?
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    Racing Starts

    my style changes every race, my favorite thing to do is when the whole fleet parks on the line at 1min and then they drift down and then at like 20 you just fly in and take that perfect spot at the comittie wth full speed. but the main thing to do on the line is to be agressive and defend...
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    Cold weather gloves

    my best friend and training partner wears those neoprene MEC gloves, he swears by them and claims that his hands never even get wet, and i swear by those citton lined blue dishwashing gloves that are like $6 at canadian tire, though i dont tuck them into my top so my hands will still get wet...
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    Young laser sailors in CANADA

    im a young laser sailor in Nova Scotia
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    laser and genders

    radials are slower than a standard full rig just because of the size of sail, and the standard sail is the sail that fits the boat to gain optimum performance