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    1974 Laser for Sale

    I am selling my Laser on Ebay. Boat is located in Long Island, NY. Item number: 4632481145
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    Own a piece of Laser History

    Laser Sail and Spar; M rig Modified Rig I bought a 1976 Laser last year and the previous owner gave me a couple of sails with the boat. I soon discovered that he also included the M rig. I opened the sail bag and found what appears to be a 30 year old sail that has never been used...
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    M Rig Modified Rig for sale on Ebay

    Please check out my auction on Ebay for an old school M Rig. The sail is in near new shape. I don't think it has ever been used. Run a search for "modified rig" Happy bidding. Let me know if you have any questions. thanks...
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    What size cam cleats to use?

    What brand/size cam cleats do most of you use for the mainsheet? Please forgo the response that real racers don't use cleats.
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    What are my boards made of?

    I just bought a 1976 laser with orignal centerboard and rudder. Does anyone know what they are made of. The outside looks like gelcoat but in the places where it is chipped away, there is wood underneath. How should I restore them? All suggestions welcome. Thanks.
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    Any interest in a M rig sail and spar

    I just bought a old laser (1976) and it came with the old M rig (modified rig). This rig was developed in 1975 and was the precusor to the Radial Rig. Dick Tillman describes the M rig in "The complete book of Laser sailing" Apparently, this old sail was never used much by the previous owner...
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    Wanted: Seitech dolly for Laser

    Contact me at
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    Wanted: Seitech Dolly for Laser

    Wanted: Seitech Dolly for Laser. Contact me at
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    Want Laser on Long Island, NY

    I am looking for a Laser for sail on Long Island. I am interested in boats under $3000. email me at
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    I want to rent your Laser

    I am considering purchasing a Laser but wanted to take a sail on one before I made the commitment. I have sailed on Sunfish, Blue Jays, Mobjacks, J 24s, and large crusing boats. I am an ASA certified sailing instructor and promise I will take good care of your boat. I am located in the NY...
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    Laser Wanted

    I am interested in buying a used Laser and willing to spend between $900 -$1250. I located in the NY metro area.