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  1. Weston

    Sunfish rental in Southeast Michigan

    A colleague of mine just told me that his 24-year-old daughter is interested in learning to sail. He’s thinking that his 18 foot Hobie cat is not the best place to start. He’s wondering if there are any sunfish (or, for that matter, any other monohull sailboats) That can be rented in Southeast...
  2. Weston

    "crackly" stiff sail

    My sail is a 1970's Ratsey & Lapthorn model that is still in decent shape. However, it doesn't have a window, so am considering getting a new sail that has a window. One dacron sail that I'm looking at is very stiff and "Crackly" sounding. In contrast, my (nylon?) Ratsey is soft and quiet. I can...