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    Advanced sail setup (technical)

    Yeah have a look at North Sails trim guide, awesome book especially if you do any yacht sailing. Will give you the inside/out on all types of sail. Probably the best trimming book around.
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    Black and Blue blocks: what's the difference?

    you could always opt for purple as well!
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    Laser Colour Concept

    this is the reason why you also shouldnt have large sponsorship in the front third of your sail! the Sydney 200 olympic boats had a light blue colour concept thats all other than on the fron quarter it said 'sydney 2000' in white, obvioulsy some stencil fot the boats.
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    Short-course sail controls

    Geoff, The cunningham is just as important for all weights! because upwind it pulls out the creases to make the sail flat and pull the draught forwards to enable higher pointing and on the reach it pulls the draught in the sail forwards so to make it more powerful by having the draught over a...
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    i think Ludwig was describing the Aigle boots as the ones with shoelaces/string on the side! now they do not look comfortable however i know a lot of people who wear them in boats like 505s and 470s when hiking is needed and lots of support in the ankle! they are very grippy i understand as well!
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    i wear rooster hiking ankle boots! they are made by xtremity and are really comfortable with velcro straps to support the heel and the front of the foot with a layer of rubber to hike on. they are also comfortable when walking on shingle beaches. My pair i think were £12 from rooster because...
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    Fatso Jr. extension

    What i have actually done to my fatso extension is to get shrink tubing and place it at different intervals on the extension, say one hand width apart so i can grip it at different places depending on where i am sitting in the boat! i have about 4 pieces of shrink tubing on there at the moment...
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    Something loose in hull

    yes but michelle thinks the cubitainer's cap is loose so therefore the cubitainer will not be airtight.
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    What's faster - a Laser (std.) or a Force 5?

    thats quite interesting actually because the american PYs are a different form to the UK ones and also we only have 1 PY for all wind ranges and conditions! Our laser one is 1078
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    Homemade mast

    alloy strengths is all different all over the world! our british ones are flexible but bend easily and always need re-straightening. where polish ones are very stiff and strong (according to rooster) so i might buy one if they still have some in!
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    Something loose in hull

    so maybe it could be one of the lids of the cubicontainers or if the boat has had a repair made to it, it is most likely to be a piece of cardboard/plastic which the repairer used to get the repair flush to the side!
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    new laser sail

    well to give a neutral opinion i will say that enjoy a new sail why you can, because both makes seem to only last a season or less in great condition and i think we should all stop bickering about which is better because to be frank i think we can agree that the condition of them is crap and we...
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    Back Support

    you're joking rite, all i hear is that the laser is the most painful boat in the world for aches and pains, loadsa people get back injuries and muscle aches, hell i got them already and im only 16! its all the hiking we have to do
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    i have the rooster one, its excellant, loads and loads of video clips and really informative! it is a price though i think about £24 i remember correctly but the tutoring on it is great! its called part 1 so i hope steve will bring out a part 2! [nudge nudge]
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    virtuial skipper pc game

    i don't think it helps but its an awesome game! i reached the final over here at the Sailboat show playing VSK 3 and there was 4 of us racing. it was soo great and im always playing it online!
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    Head injury / helmets?

    kayaking helmets usually do the job, over here in england we have a company called yak who supply them, search any kayak store.
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    Head injury / helmets?

    yes but it dont half bloody hurt when you get smacked round the head whilst in a gybe! it was 4 years ago in about a force 4 and i was in my topper, i remember coming into the gybe and the boom was not going over! i lifted my head a bit to see where it was and it hit me straight on the top/back...
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    A new clew tie-down sleeve?

    well i dunno until sum1 posts a picture of it! i will ask eddie for my username and password on drlaser
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    Carbon Fibre tiller extension

    OUCH! erm dont think you will fix that 1! if its carbon fibre its prob splintered and will be really difficult to fix!
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    autobailer problem

    yeh the bailer is all fine! normally on the rod there is a small black bung to fit in the hole, that could be why its leaking but mines leaks a tad with it on still! so that doesnt matter if its not on! you pull the rod out for the flap to go down! and push it in for the flap to come out...