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    radial parts

    I am looking for a used radial lower and sail to sail in the SF bay. Practice equipment is OK. Thanks!
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    cunningham binding

    I have a 10:1 cunningham similar to the laser xD setup, except on the port side of the sail. The problem is that I have frequent difficulty easing the line. The primary appears to be binding between the gooseneck and the boom. Has anyone come across any tricks to prevent this...
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    humming sound while planing

    While sailing Shoreline on some high speed reaches and I noticed a mysterious humming sound coming from somewhere equally mysterious. The sound would go away when I slowed down. Is there cause for concern?
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    old vang uncleating techniques

    I have the old vang on a swivel with the cleating block on the mast (the new vang is nice, but very expensive). I have a lot of difficulty uncleating the vang at the windward mark (or at any point for that matter). It seems I have to move all the to the front and fight for balance as I manhandle...
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    laser tacking fun

    Windsurfing on the transom was fun but I am ready for the next crazy thing to do on my laser. I have heard stories of tacking and running around the mast in medium winds / gybing while standing on the transom in light winds, etc. Any tips / new suggestions before I give either of these a shot?
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    Has anyone ever ordered anything from I am interested because they seem to have the cheapest price on new dollies, including free shipping (!!). Any reviews of their products and service would be helpful.
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    Wanted: seitech dolly

    Does anyone have an extra laser dolly sitting around?
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    docking tips with onshore wind

    Four times I have taken my newly used laser out and 3 times out of those 4 I have had difficulty docking. The wind has been blowing toward the dock every time I go for a sail. Today the breeze was enough that when I finally made it to the dock (nearly crashed) the wind proceeded to beat my boat...