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    damaged daggerboard

    I ran aground and damaged my daggerboard. Boat did not take on water and the daggerboard trunk seems to be okay. Damage seems to be limited to the board itself. Is there any way I can repair this? Is it a bad idea to try and use it in it's current condition?
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    bow repair

    So I figured out why the sunfish was getting so much water when I sailed. Huge cracking on underside of bow. Question, do i need to keep sanding or have I gone far enough? The very front seems to be in good enough shape. Or do I need to sand it out and remove it? And do I just put new fiberglass...
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    Sunfish dolly

    See a used laser dolly for sale here at half the price of a new one - would this work for a sunfish too?
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    Traveler/bridle preference?

    I am getting ready to replace my old rope traveller with a wire one, I think both the plain wire and the one with the loop are class legal. Does anyone have a preference for one or the other, and why? thanks, Sue
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    Taco trim

    Does anyone know which size/type of Taco trim works best when replacing the aluminum rubrail trim?
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    fiberglass repair on hull

    Finally have the sunfish dried out and ready to attempt repairs. Found two holes in the hull, both of them seem to start at the edge of the cockpit, and spread out from there. Looks like there is plenty of room between the outside of the hull and foam block, except for where it butts up against...
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    sunfish serial number/age

    wondering if anyone here can help me determine the age of my sunfish and/or locate the serial number. The title says it is a 1973 AMF Alcort Sunfish. unfortunately, the number on the title seems to be a state tax commision number, (OTCF259840 - on the title, not actually anywhere on the boat)...
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    sunfish bible question/help

    I need to install some inspection ports on my sunfish and am trying to gather as much information as possible. I have a copy of the sunfish bible, and on page 332, in an article titled The Workbench, it begins to explain how to do this. However, in my book, page 332 has three columns. Column...