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    Mast supports for trailer

    I'd like to figure out a way to attach my mast to the trailer, rather than transporting it on top of my boat. One idea is to make a brace that will attach to the gudgeon. This makes me nervous, though. If I go over bumps, it seems like there would be quite a bit of downward pressure placed...
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    New (to me) Sunfish.

    I bought a Pointer 14 (from J-Point Marine) last year, which is made from the original Phantom molds. To go along with that boat, I just picked up a 1982 Sunfish. The hull is in incredible shape. It was stored under a deck for several years. The person I bought it from got it with his house. The...
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    Rack for two hulls on one trailer

    Does anyone know of an affordable rack so I can tow two Sunfish hulls on a single trailer? I have nice custom bunks built for my existing boat, and would want something that could attach to the trailer that fits above those bunks. (Too much work to put down the drain!) I am not opposed to...
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    Cape Cod Sunfish rentals

    Can anyone recommend one of the rental outfits on Cape Cod? We will be in the Dennis Port area. Do any of them rent with a trailer included?
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    Sunfish at a Caribbean resort?

    I'm thinking about taking a vacation in the Caribbean this winter, and would like to find a resort that includes free Sunfish use. The resort does not have to be an all inclusive resort, however. I'm open to any type of resort. We will be traveling during the first week of March, so I am...
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    A (hopefully) final trailer question

    I've made custom bunks for my trailer. Two for the stern and one for the bow. The bunks are contoured to the hull, as shortypen has suggested. They run along the beam of the boat. The bunk for the bow is approximately 12 to 16 inches long (port to starboard). It is made from a pressure...
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    Mast and spar holder for trailer

    I've made custom bunks for my trailer, and am now moving onto the next phase. I would like to place the mast and spars in an 8 inch PVC tube. I'm trying to figure out the best way to attach the PVC tube to the trailer. My initial thought is to make a tube that fits into the mast hole, and...
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    Clothing for colder weather

    I took my boat out for the final time this year. I live in northern New England. At home, the wind was 5-7 knots. Temps were in the low 50's. I was worried that the wind would be too light at my favorite spot, so I went to a lake that sits up at about 1,800 feet on a ridge. It was my...
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    Launching advice

    I'm hoping to get some advice on launching a Sunfish, especially since the colder weather is here. I have my boat on a bunk trailer. Here are some problems I am having: 1) I just can't figure out how to launch the boat without getting at least waist deep in the water. 2) Most of the ramps...
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    Review of J-Point Marine Pointer 14 (Phantom clone)

    I recently purchased a Pointer 14 from J-Point Marine in Maine. This boat is made from the original Phantom mold. (Note: The Phantom sailboat in Britain is an entirely different boat.) As many of you know, the Phantom was designed by individuals that had worked for Sunfish. The boats were...
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    Old Orchard Beach, ME

    Has anyone sailed a Sunfish from Old Orchard Beach in Maine? If I read the municipal ordinances correctly (and that's a BIG "if"), it can be done - especially after Labor Day. We are going the weekend after Labor Day, and I would really like to bring the boat. We are renting a house on the...
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    Beach suggestions wanted

    I live in northern New England, and I am looking for some suggestions for good places to sail that also have a beach and nearby boat ramp. My family won't all fit in the Sunfish, so the idea was that they could enjoy the beach and I could pull the boat up and take family members out. I know...
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    Back to sailing - some questions

    I purchased a Sunfish clone and have been sailing twice. It's been 15 years since I last sailed. I've been very pleased with how well things have come back to me. My second outing was in brisk winds, I kept better control of the boat than I expected. I have a couple of questions, though...