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  1. H/V Vega

    A rip-roaring good sea tale, and its all true

    Well Maties, it's here at last. The Vega Adventures. A true sea tale of storms and adventures at sea on a 122 year old sailing boat, Vega of course, and how a dedicated band of volunteers have changed thousands of lives on some of the worlds most isolated islands. Give us a hand by sharing this...
  2. H/V Vega

    Fewer headaches from your outboard

    You know how outboards loose power when stored for a long time? Well here is why and how to prevent it. When you take the motor off and store it without proper preparation there is fuel and oil in the carburetor. When the motor sits that fuel evaporates through the fuel jets depositing a...
  3. H/V Vega

    Historic Vessel Vega

    Hi Just thought you might like to see the load of new pictures I just uploaded to our blog site at Or see the website at We work hard to keep Vega in top condition which is not easy when making our deliveries...