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    Repair advice needed

    Flex Seal tape should work great, for a temporary fix.
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    Could this be the one?

    Caddyshack is a Classic! Maybe a little 1/5 bottle (airline quality-but not plastic) would work over the bow eye! The racks at Total Wine/BevMo for travel size bottles are getting out of control, but there should be a fun size for your liking. ;) I don't think many people these days truly...
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    Could this be the one?

    If there are no flaws in the gelcoat, no soft spots on the deck or portholes for that matter, sails are crisp and somewhat new (last 5 years) updated rigging with pretty good sheeting and controls, then it might be hard to to go much lower considering there are 2 rigs. But if there are dings...
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    What to look for when buying a Laser

    What type of sailing do you plan to do? Recreation only, teaching the kids, racing, all of the above; these are all good considerations along with the obvious budget questions. It's kinda like buying a used car, does the owner know the history of the boat, what type of conditions has it been...
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    Sink Plumbing

    What is the name of the sailing school where you work as an instructor?
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    Laser Mast Step Worn Out - Cracked Hull

    ZFS = Performance Sailcraft (1974 [as per hulls 16950-51626]-1985) (Point Claire, Québec) built in June 1975. Sail #28522 The hole on the bottom looks like it was repaired previously, and has now failed miserably. The inside pic of the mast tube shows a few cracks, and on the right side of pic...
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    Sink Plumbing

    1) Yes, water can go up the hose when the starboard side of the boat is in the water. 2) There might be a pinhole or crack in the tubing which is difficult to see if it is corrugated. Ruling out the hose clamp should be easy to determine. Not sure if your boat is always in the water which...
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    How can I get a laser from New England to California?
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    Best way to attach dry bag/bring snacks and sunscreen

    Sunfish Fat Bag 5" for Viking Deckplate Assuming your hull doesn't leak and you already have an inspection port, you can add this.
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    Am I missing anything?

    That looks like a mighty fine repair job. Praying for no more leaks!
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    Old Laser help requested?

    I like this option Ah. LOT. ;) I wonder how much weight this will add? I realize it is not a consideration for the recreation sailboat, just curious, and great suggestion.
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    J/24 4272 For Sale

    I would have messaged you privately but there is no link to your name. What product did you use for the grey deck grip paint? It looks great btw.
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    Master's Race Information Needed

    How many entrants does anyone expect for this regatta with all of the happenings in the state??? Any chance they will cancel? Currently there are only 4 registered for the Laser class and 9 for the Radial class.
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    Old Laser help requested?

    Fill up the mast hole with water to see if it holds, if not, then have a look through the inspection port to see where it is leaking and how fast. If it leaks, then there are plenty of threads here on how to fix. Other than that, put it in the water and sail around for a bit, then pull the...
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    New CCM Tiller with FatPipe Extension

    Since my boat is Canadian made, I thought I would construct a CCM (Canadian Cycle & Motor) tiller made from a lightweight carbon hockey stick. This one is a Ribcor Trigger (Ovechkin model, of course, Winner!). After cutting, it's weighing in at 191 grams for 34", which I bought on eBay for $20...
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    1982 Laser

    Those who said that to you are complete morons, I would never listen to any of them ever again. Congratulations on the new boat (with dolly it looks like), it looks stunning for its age, and you will have a blast sailing it. If what LaLi said is confusing, there are plenty of videos online...
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    Laser Repair

    Mine, I just fixed, had the same exact problems, fairly simple and straight forward procedures. As you said, I used a Dremel to sand out the cracks back to stable material, careful not to go deep into the fiberglass. The daggerboard trunk where it might be deep, mine was about 1/4" at the...
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    70's Laser Value - Is this a fair price?

    I have been wanting to sail on Clear Lake, how is it up there? Looks like it would be fantastic! Is the water as green as all of the pics on internet Maps? I actually looked at this clean looking boat on C/L and initially thought $1K without a trailer was too much for me, but I was thinking...
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    1965 Sunfish Restoration

    Let's be VERY clear, I am not an expert on gelcoat restoration, however, what I have done with moderate success is sanding (wet or dry is an on-going debate, and I have done both to the same Laser bottom with the exact same results) starting with 180 grit, then 220 to get much of the oxidation...
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    Royal Temple Yacht Club Races RC Lasers

    So no more than 2 crew on a boat (friends/family you would probably have over to your house for a drink), yet the bottom pic shows 7 people (that wouldn't all crew together on the same boat) standing close together to control RC boats. Insane. :confused: