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    Laser on side

    Thanks. Live in strict subdivision nothing outside or in driveways. Do have one area near A/C units but lots of bugs near water. I roll boat about 30ft to grass where transfer is made to grass then to other dolly. Pretty easy. Thanks for suggestions. David
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    Laser on side

    Have not finished This is first use I am adding more padding when it arrives If anyone wants the products used just let me know. I roll this next to my car in the garage. Then to the yard and on to the seitsch dolly to the water. Any???
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    Laser on side

    Thanks guys. Building a rolling dolly using a sheetrock dolly to roll between car and wall. I hope to transfer from Seitech dolly ( on the grass in my yard) to Sheetrock dolly and roll in garage. The padding info is very helpful because I worried about curve. Using a 4ft long dock bumper ( 48” X...
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    Laser on side

    Want to store for short time on side between wall and car. Maybe 3 ft wide space 14 ft long
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    Like New ‘06 Radial Laser With Road Legal Trailer

    Is your boat still for sale. Your pic of the boat on the trailer concerns me. Hoe is the boat resting on the trailer? Where in La are you located? thanks David
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    2016 Ice Blue Laser with Radial Rig

    What city in Florida? Checking for driving time from Texas.
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    2015 Laser

    Thanks. I am just starting my hunt for a laser. Part of the equation is distance that I will have to travel or figure out how to ship and the condition without seeing it in person. So the first step is to try and find out which boats are still available and their location. Thanks again for...
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    2015 Laser

    Is the laser still for sale? Thanks. David in Texas
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    Updates SOLD items not reported

    Why not