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    $4500 --- 1993 laser radial and full rig

    I have a 1993 Laser Radial AND Full rig and I'm the 3rd owner. The hull is Navy Blue and White and is in good condition. No major fibreglass or dammages done to hull. It comes with plenty of items: -One full Radial mast (top and bottom section) -One full Full rig mast (top and bottom...
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    how much would you pay?

    Alright, im wondering what you guys would pay for a laser/radial. My boat has both full and radial, there is two full rig practice sails and a mast(top and bottom). There is also a brand new radial sail and mast(new this year, only used maybe 4 times). It also has a magic marine dolly and top...
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    Key West 2005

    I would just like to put out there a BIG CONGRATS to my buddy Brian Sims who took his C&C 43 down to KeyWest to race for the first time and overall took 1st place in his fleet. He is also currently a member at the BRONTE HARBOUR YACHT CLUB in Ontario. CONGRATS!
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    radial sail & spar needed in Ontario

    im looking for a radial sail & spar in good condition located in ontario. email:
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    sailing season coming early?

    this is great news for all the sailors in Canada, who can't sail all year round like you guys from Austrailia and Florida. Looks like the snow is melting and the warmer weather is coming. Warm as in 8C but when wearing a problem! Hopefully the weather stays like this and the...
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    traveler blocks...

    Can anybody (preferebly the people who shop at fogh marine) tell me what the difference between the Blue traveler blocks with brummel compared to the Black traveler blocks with brummel? Does anybody know? Is it just basically the difference in the plastic? :confused:
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    WANTED: radial spar and sail

    Is there anyone that would be willing to sell their radial sail and spar. I am in need of one. If you are selling one could you please email me at and tell me the price (in CAN) and where it is located...thanks!
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    radial and full rig spar height

    I was wondering what the difference in height is between the radial and the full rig. Does anyone know the measurement of the lower sections of the radial and the full rig spar?
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    radial sail & spar wanted

    I am looking for a radial sail & spar, in reasonable condition. I live in Ontario and am looking for it to be fairly close...Toronto would be good. Cheers
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    my new(new to me) laser....with pics this time!

    hey guys, this is my new to me laser... its a 1994 full rig---going to be radial. Anyways, in the picture is not me, its the old owner. Enjoy! Cheers
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    my new(new to me) laser!

    Hey dudes! This is my new to me laser that I got...its actually my first laser! It's not me sailing it though...cause its winter and its freezing outside!
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    laser radial wanted in ontario

    I am looking for a decent shape laser radial, race ready. Between the range of 0$ to 2200$. Does not need a trailor or dolly. All rigging in good condition. Email me at: or reply to post.
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    Young laser sailors in CANADA

    hey, I was just wondering where all the young laser/radial sailors are. I live in Kitchener. Where abouts are all you guys and what regattas are you guys planning on going to next summer...considering it winter now :(
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    laser radial wanted in ontario

    I am looking for a decent shape Laser Radial for sale in Ontario, preferebly close to Kitchener or Oakville. Must be fairly cheep and fairly new. Trailor and/or dolly would be nice also. If not, i'll take one from my sailing camp, so no worries.