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  1. sharkbait

    Laser Restoration

    I too did a restoration job on a Black Magic 18 months ago - very satisfying The hull had two small holes in the side and was looking rough. Fixed the holes properly, sanded the bottom, filled and polished whole lot, looks great in its black glossyness! :) For the foils I ground out where rust...
  2. sharkbait

    Best fixing method for inspection port

    I'm replacing the (OEM fitting) inspection port on my laser. The original was rivitted into place but I'm wondering you think the best method of fixing is: screwed, bolted or just silicon?
  3. sharkbait

    Mast retaining line issue

    Nice one....... doesn't get much better than that! :)
  4. sharkbait

    Questions on used laser from newbie

    Sounds like a shocker to me....... barnacles???? I suspect if you bought it you'd be looking for another one soon after as the first one had died. I'm sure you could do much better given a little time. I was told once never to buy the first [insert whatever you like] you see.
  5. sharkbait

    Leeway ?

    Maybe you should try footing off a bit to build some speed. On my Musto Skiff the blades only really start working above a certain speed (i.e. quite fast) after which you can point well AND go fast. Although the laser foils are not in the same league, they probably also work better with a...
  6. sharkbait

    Refinishing foils

    Hi Jeffers, I'm just doing my foils now. Nip down to the hardware shop and get some Plasticote Primer and white Super Enamel..........just the job and about £6.50 each. One tin of each is just about enough to do both blades. The only thing I'm going to do differently next time is buy car spray...
  7. sharkbait

    Polishing the hull- what's this???

    Good idea....I'll bear that in mind. You lucky chap living in Newport! I spend a very happy 6 months there waaay back in 1985 working @ Shore Sails and racing J24's (and lots of other things) with a chap called Ken Read. :)
  8. sharkbait

    Polishing the hull- what's this???

    DOH!! Of course it is. Thanks Sean. Looks like I need to apply some more black.....oh well....
  9. sharkbait

    Polishing the hull- what's this???

    Hi guys, I've been working on and off over the winter sorting out the hull of my 1985 (ish) Black Magic laser. As you may have guessed the hull is black above the waterline (white deck and below the waterline). I've finshed repairing the holes in the hull and I'm pretty happy with that and I'm...
  10. sharkbait

    Decided on a boat name!

    Seeing as the hull is a deep glossy black with a white bottom and deck (Black magic ltd edition), and I'm not fast, this seems a very logical name! :) clicky
  11. sharkbait

    Scratches in gelcoat on bottom of hull

    Hi Steven, Thanks for the info. I did find that one yesterday and have made a start.....looking forward to lots of sanding.....not. :(
  12. sharkbait

    Scratches in gelcoat on bottom of hull

    Is that good??! It's a limited edition boat ("Black Magic"), white deck and below the waterline, black topsides. Black spars.
  13. sharkbait

    Scratches in gelcoat on bottom of hull

    I'm rejuvinating an '85 boat that had a couple of holes in the side and section of hull/deck separation. The deck joint is now fixed (West 105/205/404) and the holes in the side are just waiting for gelcoat. Looking at the bottom of the hull there are quite a lot of scratches in the gel down...
  14. sharkbait

    Inexperienced sailors seeking advice :-) Bahia

    Re: Inexperienced sailors seeking advice :-) forgot to mention that applying the vang will help the batten flick over easier.......just remember to ease the vang after it's flicked. The bigger the boat the tricker it gets - had lots of fun flicking the top batten on an X-35 keelboat two...
  15. sharkbait

    Inexperienced sailors seeking advice :-) Bahia

    Re: Inexperienced sailors seeking advice :-) Yep, or just give the boom a good pull and it'll pop right over. On some boats (such my main one.... Musto Skiff) you just get used to flicking the battens over - we never ease the batten tension.
  16. sharkbait

    Your advice on repairing these holes

    Excellent. Kind of looking forward to this little restoration project. Just need to collect it!
  17. sharkbait

    Your advice on repairing these holes

    ahhh, yes.......just read that. Very informative. If I can get a small patch though the hole then I think it's the best solution. I've not done much in the way of glass repairs (usually just do the damage!), so it's mostly new to me. Def. holes, shame but then I only paid £150 for the boat.
  18. sharkbait

    Your advice on repairing these holes

    Hi, I've just bought a 1985 (I think) vintage black magic. It's spent the last few years stored indoors and apart from it requiring a good clean, and the sail being eaten by mice, the only real problem is that when it was last used it dropped off its trailer which punched two holes in the hull...