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    Difference between old Harken XD vang and new "race"version

    Hello I'm getting tired with my old 'Holt' XD vang as it seems 'sticky' at some points. Have seen that in UK we can buy the Harken 'race vang' for £135 base unit or £149 for the whole kit. Bit of a decision between those in any case, but more importantly, what is the difference between the...
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    Removing snapped grab rail screws from hull

    Some of grab rail screws (two nearest the bow on one side, one nearest the bow on other side) on my Laser appear to have snapped right at the point they leave the hull. I've removed the rail by undoing the other screws, but the remains of the two broken ones remain inside the boat. There is...
  3. J

    hiking pants

    As some hikers use velcro to hold the pads in place, is it not possible to simply buy the pads separately and glue the opposite velcro strip into an existing wetsuit?
  4. J

    Experimental transom mounted camera, steadycam w/true horizon

    Did you stand on the boom at 7s?
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    Holt XD OUthaul/cunningham rigging help

    I believe I have figured this out. The long red line is for the outhaul, the mid length one is the cunningham, and the very short one is a clew tie down (not needed if you have velcro strap already). I will confirm once fitted to boat just in case anyone else reads this in years to come!
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    Holt XD OUthaul/cunningham rigging help

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I am having the same questions. Could anyone please advise me which one each of the three red lines in the bundle on the left are?
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    Sailing by the lee - how to

    Thanks all, will have a try at the weekend.
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    Sailing by the lee - how to

    Hi. I've seen the rooster sailing by the lee page, but still can't picture this. How do you sail by the lee without gybing? If I head downwind, sheet out, then what??