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    2005 Laser Garage kept

    2005 Laser Blue hull: Garage kept 2 - Full sails 2- Raidal sails 3- upper sections - 1 newer, 1 practice and 1 that came with boat Full and Radial lower sections 2 dagger boards, rudder and Carbon tiller and extension upgraded lines Pelican travel case Dollie Top and bottom covers...
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    Wanted: Full Rig Lower Section and Sail

    I have a full rig section to sell. Im in chicago. email me
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    Carbon fiber Tillers/Acme Fatso Jr

    I have two Acme Fatso Jr carbon fiber tiller extentions for sale. I have pictures of the tillers just email me for them. Im looking to get $60 for them plus shipping.
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    Laser Full rig sail -must sell- great deal

    Selling a great looking laser full rig sail! it has been used for one summer and still is a great race sail. Its a hyde sail looking to get $330 for it shipped to your door. I accept paypal I am also throwing in some FREE harken blocks in with the sail as well I have lots of pics but they...
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    Good Laser Radial, Full Rig Sail -Great price-

    new price on the full rig $380
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    Good Laser Radial, Full Rig Sail -Great price-

    full rig still for sale new price $400 shipped
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    Good Laser Radial, Full Rig Sail -Great price-

    funn rig still avable
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    Wanted-laser radial

    shoot me a email... and we can work some thing out
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    Wanted, Daggarboard and Centerbaord

    I have a daggarboard... for you! If you want pictures send me a email mark
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    Good Laser Radial, Full Rig Sail -Great price-

    New prices Raidal 310 Full rig sail 410 Need to sell
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    Good Laser Radial, Full Rig Sail -Great price-

    Re: Good Laser Raidal, Full Rig Sail -Great price- bump
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    Wanted-laser radial

    check out the one I have I even have a another raidal that I have only used once
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    Good Laser Radial, Full Rig Sail -Great price-

    Selling a great laser Raidal sail, it has about only 7 regattas on it and it is still in great shape. Im am throwing in free numbers, and some other goodies :) Im looking for $325 shipped to your door! Full rig sail has only 3 regattas on it still has that new crisp sound to it! comes with...
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    leaky laser boats HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED

    check all your seals.. auto baler.. and stern plug the silicone might have worn out
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    Chipped dagger board

    Ive done this repair alot. Ive learnd to put wax paper on one side so that one side is at least flat.. then mix up filler and epoxy. I have grown to like the west system products work well. After you mix it up just apply it to ur board, and you will have the wax paper as a backing. wait to dry...
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    Laser Parts

    Here are pictures, Just the side along with the tip have been fixed. Very smooth cant even tell it was broken if you run your figures on it. Also you might be able to see some wire. added that for support. New ones run about $363.80 complete with blue stop So Im looking to get about $200 not...
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    Radial Sail

    How much are you looking to spend? I have a few good radial sails that I could sell you for pratice. Im also in Chicago too so shipping would not be a issue