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    Craigs list, Memphis

    Just F.Y.I., I saw an ad for a Capri 14 listed yesterday and the price was RIGHT. If you are looking for a boat in the midsouth this might be the one for you at $1,000. The trailer looks like cra---. Charley
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    Omega 14 mast step adjustment and tuning

    All Omega owners, i am not able to find any literature on adjusting the mast step. The pins can be set to move mast foot forward or backward. I have tried moving it some, but every sail has been diffrent wind and water conditions. This makes it hard to tell what changes i have made. I have to...
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    Self leveling--not quite, but a big help

    I have recently changed the slot seal strips on me Omega and was finally able to sail in some wind. Enough to push her past 5 knots a couple of times. I found very little turbulence in the trunk now and was able to see the level of the water and could tell if i was heavy to front or back. I...
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    Slot seal strips for swing keel

    I have my Omega flipped over to install new slot seal strips. I went back and read previous posts about this project first and was hoping that Catalina direct had corrected the problem with the holes in the new plastic strips. But---- no such luck! After removal,sanding and comparing the new...
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    Omega 14 owners manual

    I have recently purchased a 78 Omega and will be adding and replacing some missing parts. I have copied the 14.2 manual but still need rigging information not included in the 14.2 manual. Specifically, how is the centerboard line to raise the board routed from the board back to the cleat. Also...