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    Sunfish for sale; NJ near Phila

    Yes, it is still available. Are you interested? Will take pictures and send them if interested. Yes the hull number tells the year.
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    Sunfish for sale; NJ near Phila

    I have been away. Are you still Interested?
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    Sunfish for sale; NJ near Phila

    Great boat in wonderful shape. Includes racing sail, dolly, cover, blade bag, and race riggged. Boat is approx. 5 years old. If seriously interested e mail me and I will send you pictures. Located in NJ 5 minutes from Phila. $2900.
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    Sunfish In Great Condition!

    4 years old. Includes cover, spar cover, dolly, and slightly used racing sail. All upgraded lines. $2900. Will furnish pictures if you are seriously interested. Deck has thin yellow stripes.
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    Sunfish for Sale

    Sunfish race rigged with dolly and cover. I believe it's 4 years old and can double check. Good condition. $2900.
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    If any one is still interested in racing this year Cooper River Yacht Club has a great frostbiting series in Lasers and Sunfish every Sunday through the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Racing begins at 11:00 a.m. and runs till 12:30 p.m. . Fee is $6.00 which includes pizza and beer afterwards...
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    USSCA Member looking for instructors

    I am putting the word out on various sailing sites that my club is looking for instructors for the summer of 2008. Please get back to me if any Sunfish sailors or anyone they know might be interested in teaching in the New Jersey area right outside of Phila. Looking for US Sailing Level I...
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    2007 Worlds boats for sale?Where?

    Skip Moorhouse has boats for sale from the worlds. He's in NJ.
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    Worlds - Day 2 - or not!

    I was there, I qualified, and yes the race committee left it up to Vanguard to decide to race that day. I believe it was totally due to conditions and potential problems. $150 deposit hardly covers damage that could have occured in those conditions. I've raced there many times and yes it is very...
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    Things you would like to see improved upon by the Sunfish boatbuilder for 2008

    I've never heard of that happening. There were several problems with the World's boats last week at Brant Beach. My boat had a serious problem with the daggerboard well. It was so tight I had to use 2 hands to pulll it up when standing up after I rounded the offset mark at the windward mark...
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    Age Advice

    I agree having all 3 boats would be a plus. You can depower a Sunfish with a Jen's rig just like I do and I weigh 125 pounds and still have problems occasionally. So, at less than 80 pounds you will need to think about what you might be having more fun in and what the conditions are for the day...
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    Age Advice

    I agree with your instructor. You are the perfect weight for an Opti and should be sailing that boat until you grow out or age out of it. Since you are the weight you are you should be able to sail for several more years in the blue or red fleet. My kids started out in Opti's and they are the...
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    Sorry for the delay. I am having computer problems. Answers Yes, a rope is supplied. No. No. Yes. No Todd Edwards Class Measurer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From:
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    Thanks for your advice and I just did that.
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    Some of us were discussing the list of haves and have nots for the worlds' Can anyone shed some light on our questions? We haven't heard back from the class office as to our questions. 1. With the new centerboards, is a rope supplied to act like a handle, or can we add one(not listed)? 2. We...
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    Things you would like to see improved upon by the Sunfish boatbuilder for 2008

    I agree that the cheek plates on the rudder should be replaced with metal ones. I like having an inspection port and don't think water gets in that way if it's properly installed. I used a clear latex caulk around the splash guard to prevent water leaks there. The sunfish sail has to be...
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    Things you would like to see improved upon by the Sunfish boatbuilder for 2008

    I just bought a new Sunfish and gave the new owner of my old boat the new daggerboard. I like the old one with the handle. Yes, the story about the finger is true. I remember it happening a few years ago, but I still like the old board. As for being a woman racing these boats I think that the...
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    open slots to race at worlds?

    The venue is a great place to sail. I qualified to go this year and am looking forward to compete against some great sailors. I've sailed at BBYC many times and they are experienced at hosting big regattas like this one. I would recommend looking on the site of the Sandpaper since they list...
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    Udated listing

    1999 Sunfish for sale-White with red stripe bow to stern. . Includes: top cover, spar cover, new blades, dolly, new mast, racing sail in excellent condition. Possible trailer included. contact: or 856-858-8908(Judy)
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    Sunfish Parts for sale in NH

    Looking for metal cheek plates for an older rudder which will fit a new rudder and are you selling these items separately? Will pay for shipping.