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    I killed my electric motor.

    Why I trashed my electric motor.. It requires a battery to run. $$$ It requires a battery charger for Deep Cycle. $$$ The battery has to be 120 Amp or it will be worthless The battery weighs in at 55# and I have to take it off boat to charge it. The battery needs distilled water once a...
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    LInk to Sailors Tsunami Story
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    Does anyone sail a keel model?

    I am curious about it. How they sail ease of trailering where to keep etc.
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    C 14.2 Keel

    Anyone have a 14.2 with fixed keel?
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    Is there a Catalina 16.5 Natl Assoc?

    I've been searching the net and have been unable to find any info on the Catalina 14's sister the C16.5. I do get a lot of non related hits. Am about to give up the search. Maybe there's a site other than Yahoo that I am missing? Help!