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  1. Michelle

    Laser® Sailing Calendar

    I call the death grip on the gunwales to keep from washing off while a wave pushes you sideways 100 feet the 'Cabarete Hangon'. :eek: God looks after drunks and dumbasses.:p
  2. Michelle

    Laser® Sailing Calendar

    The April photo-is that guy in the Santa Cruz Harbor entrance? I had a moment like that once there in an FJ back in college...
  3. Michelle

    Proposed rule changes for 2009

    Think this is the link to the online ballot:
  4. Michelle

    Sailing plans for 2009

    I'll be doing a lot of what Foxy is doing since we're in the same district.:) Also add open MWE in Clearwater in Feb and trying to get as in shape as possible for the Masters Worlds at the end of summer. And trying to find a way to get self and boat up to Nova Scotia on the cheap!
  5. Michelle

    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    Under Fred's system the current Radial Apprentice World Champ wouldn't be on the wait list!
  6. Michelle

    Olympic Dream

    Some people just have natural talents that when combined with massive amounts of hard work and dedication, gets them to the top. A natural ability to make a boat go fast without thinking too hard, or read the wind and anticipate what it will do next, or coming up with a whole new way to sail the...
  7. Michelle

    D13 Championships

    NOR and registration is open for the District 13 Championships Dec 13-14 in Sarasota, Florida at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron. Last time this event was held here we had an incredible turnout. Let's do it again!
  8. Michelle

    how much is too much wind?

    'too much wind' is when you have to put the shutters up on your house. Seriously, I find that sea state has a lot to do with it. A 24-28 kt day is a lot different on an enclosed body of water vs open ocean with huge seas. I'm a full rig weight but I love Radials in wind over 22 kts. In...
  9. Michelle

    Regattas, what do sailors want?

    Hi Lainie, I just read this whole thread thoroughly (I had just skimmed it last night) and my thoughts have been pretty eloquently covered by others. I also rank the water as very important; much more so than food, because it can be so hot in Florida that I can't store enough water on my...
  10. Michelle

    Stupid Laser tricks

    Start with a regular full rig. Using old line and duct tape, add another topsection as a bowsprit. Add a 4.7 sail as a jib. Sail around. (tacks like crap)
  11. Michelle

    Anna Tunnicliffe Takes Gold In Qingdao! (ilca-na)

    I knew you could do it, Anna!!!!! Whooooeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Congragulations!! :D
  12. Michelle

    Exclusive laser sailor or ???

    I mostly sail Lasers because they're fun, don't require crew, and it seems like it requires a lot of practice time (for me at least) to stay somewhat in shape and to keep off the bottom of the fleet. I also have a regular crew position on a J24 a couple weekends a month; good to get to work as a...
  13. Michelle

    Ross Bennett's Olympic Dream

    He can if he puts the time in. The top guys live Laser sailing and unless Ross wants to be full-time, he won't get to the very top. But he can certainly get off the bottom by PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, some coaching or a good clinic...
  14. Michelle

    Hi Tracy, I do have the other Apprentice Master trophy from the NA's, so I have no idea where...

    Hi Tracy, I do have the other Apprentice Master trophy from the NA's, so I have no idea where the other one lefty in the boatpark came from-who won Top App in the fullrigs? Hope to see you in FLA this winter! Michelle
  15. Michelle

    Its baaaack!

    I've been sailing Radials sometimes for several years now. I love 'em in 20-25 knots! They're pretty nimble, too; I think one would be a blast for the Slalom. Although, in the interest of keeping it old-school; it would be a hoot to see people in the 21st century taking out the top batten and...
  16. Michelle

    Its baaaack!

    How come there's not a Radial division? I think a Radial would be perfect for that! Oh, and do I have to wear my corderoy pants, canvas Safeway sneakers and big ole Omega life jacket from the 7th grade? I guess I can still feather my hair.
  17. Michelle

    Charter available US Natls Long Beach Aug 08

    $300 for the regatta. No. Yes. Not sure yet. :) The boat is heading out to the West Coast on a 7-boat trailer from Florida, and I can only do the NA's and PCC's.
  18. Michelle

    Charter available US Natls Long Beach Aug 08

    2005 Laser # 181839 available for charter for the US Nationals in Long Beach CA Aug 8-10 2008. I will provide hull and full rig or radial spars; you will need blades, sail and lines.
  19. Michelle

    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    Yeah, I want to be clinging to that wall waiting for 999 other boats to get pulled up the one launch ramp!:p
  20. Michelle

    So, is anybody actually racing this weekend?

    Went to #2 of our Treasure Coast series in Ft Pierce Florida yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous weather-85 degree air, 70 degree water, 15-20 knot SE breeze. We stayed in the river in flat water because the waves in the inlet were a bit treacherous to go out onto the ocean. Kind of a small turnout...