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  1. Edward Teach

    Humming Noise

    I was sailing close hualed in about 10-13 knots of wind and hiked over the gunnel pretty well keeping the boat on a flat plane and I noticed what sounded like a humming noise. It seems like at the time of the humming the boat was sailing at its peak performance, and this was the only time I...
  2. Edward Teach

    Tiller and daggerboard questions

    Are the wood tillers still being made? I couldn't find the wood tillers at Sunfish direct or APS. Also what legth should the tiller be? As for the daggerboard I use a bungee with the brummel hooks, and thread it through the bow handle and around the mast then through the foward hole on the...
  3. Edward Teach

    Boom Vang

    Can someone tell me what a vang is used for? Do you use the exrta halyard line to tie the vang to the mast and boom? Thanks Ed
  4. Edward Teach

    sunfish video

    Can anyone recommend a good instructional video for the sunfish? I'm still a novice and I am trying to get the most out of my fish but I’m nowhere near ready of the racing instructional videos unless they teach the basics as well. Also, what is the best way to tame weather helm? I was getting...
  5. Edward Teach

    Gooseneck issues

    I have a quick release goose neck which has been great when repositioning the boom, but my concern with the quick release is that the screw extends about a ¼ to ½ inch below the nut. I have already notice a scratch on the aluminum boom and I am concerned it could damage the deck as well. What...
  6. Edward Teach

    Windvane placement

    Hi all, I just purchased a kingfisher 200 wind vane and was wondering if anyone has any experience with this windvane and where the best placement would be on the upper boom. Seeing that the upper boom will be angled and not perpendicular with the horizon, will this have any affect on the...
  7. Edward Teach

    Pictures on posts

    It seems like there are a lot of pictures that I cannot see attached to some of the members posts. I'd say I am able to view about 60% of what is posted, and the rest have little a litttle "x" where the picture would be. Is this an issue with the setting on my computer? Does anyone have a...
  8. Edward Teach

    Sunfish trailering

    I'm currently on business in the Finger Lakes region of NY, and see there appears to be plenty of beautiful lakes to sail on here. Living in central Ohio, I have thought about trailering my fish up here to maybe sail on some of the Finger Lakes. I was just curious if the other members of this...
  9. Edward Teach

    coaming replacement

    Is it difficult to replace a cockpit coaming that is riveted to the deck? How do you go abount removing the old rivets? Thanks Edward.
  10. Edward Teach

    New to the sunfish

    Hi all, I am brand new to the sunfish. In fact I am brand new to sailing and will be taking my first sailing lesson this weekend. I just picked up a 1996 sunfish this past week and I am eager to start sailing. I picked the sunfish because I have read that it is a great boat for a novice to learn...