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    J24 for sale 1979, Hull #978 $2000

    I'll try again later I will try again.
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    J24 for sale 1979, Hull #978 $2000

    On a trailer of sorts in Buffalo. mine since '85, bulkhead replaced previously, Deck repaired many places and the repair undersides are painted, Gelcoat was sanded and epoxied about 1991, Cabin sole removed and replaced with PT plywood and stained. Glass was added to transfer the keel forces to...
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    J24 cabin sole repair

    My sole was cracked end to end I figured it was bad vermiculite. When I tore into it I discovered it was balsa core. I cut it out leaving a lip all around the opening. I acquired and stained a piece of 1/2" PT plywood. The plywood does not cover the whole sole. There is a gap at the back behind...