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  1. Jason Rucker

    Big sailor, big sail

    Are you weighing over 200lbs? At some point you just too big for the boat. I think Robert Schiedt is well over 6’ but his weight is competitive. There’s always the Finn....
  2. Jason Rucker

    Asking for mainsheet opinions

    You’ll notice all kinds of variations on the set up. If you look up the class rules you can see the limitations. Just pick one that makes sense to you and then tweak it as you go. Here’s a simple set up from Collie sails.
  3. Jason Rucker

    New builders

    That would be nice.
  4. Jason Rucker

    Asking for mainsheet opinions

    Rooster Polilite 6mm
  5. Jason Rucker

    New builders

    The only attraction to Zim was having a Laser made is the USA. I’m not interested in buying a boat imported from China.
  6. Jason Rucker

    Ideal competitive weight range

    You’re good. I’ve seen masters at 210 lbs. be competitive, even in light air. It’s all about time in the boat, smart racing, and fitness.
  7. Jason Rucker

    Help, mast step repair

    Can you post an update with pics when you do this?
  8. Jason Rucker

    Am I missing anything?

    Fill the mast step with water and see if it goes down. Also do an air test with soapy water. Cover hull and deck with soapy water and pump air into the hull through the bung hole. Use a hand pump only. Take the bailer out to check the brass fitting during the air test.
  9. Jason Rucker

    Installing A Metal Drain Bushing Assembly -Ideas?

    If you can post some pictures it would be helpful to avoid confusion.
  10. Jason Rucker

    Are there any good Laser sailing books?
  11. Jason Rucker

    Are there any good Laser sailing books?

    Yes. Then you can get on your district’s email list for local happenings.
  12. Jason Rucker

    Are there any good Laser sailing books?

    .....also the laser class has a junior membership that gets you a quarterly magazine. The international class site also has links to tips and advice. The dealer websites usually have good simple videos about how to rig the boat. So check out Rooster and west coast sailing and colliesails.
  13. Jason Rucker

    Are there any good Laser sailing books?

    My 14 year old made the switch from Opti to laser 4.7 over the winter and has loved it! There are good instructional resources online. Plenty of videos. Also look at RYA YouTube channel.
  14. Jason Rucker

    New Laser Class

    Someone was talking about green threads on sails.This is my oldest sail. Red Laser patch and green threads. Old style grommets. Doesn’t say Harstick.
  15. Jason Rucker

    Laser repair advice

    Post pictures
  16. Jason Rucker

    New Laser Class

    Here is my Haarstick from 1990. I still use it.
  17. Jason Rucker

    New Laser Class

    I have a sail from 1990 that I race with. Numbers applied with marker. Does fine at the district level.
  18. Jason Rucker

    2021 worlds

    Only after Bill Gates gives you your vaccine and tattoo. Welcome to the new normal.
  19. Jason Rucker

    Help/Advice with Major Laser Job

    In all seriousness. I would not waste time or materials on that boat. That is without a doubt the worst looking laser I have ever seen. No disrespect intended, just offering my honest opinion.
  20. Jason Rucker

    Laser Gel Coat Clean-up Questions

    This i a link to a 3M resources page. If you look under the heading “gelcoat finishing “ you should find info on removing the oxidation and polishing the gelcoat. Wash the deck with a stiff brush and soap. There are fiberglass stain removers your can use also...