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  1. Winston29

    I sold my 14.2 today. =~[

    I thought about it. I did LOTS of research on the Hobie forum and YT, then I found a few and arranged to see them, but in the end I decided to take a break from sailing. I love it, but it's a PITA having to drive 35 miles to get access to my boat, then have to rig, launch, sail, land, wash...
  2. Winston29

    I sold my 14.2 today. =~[

    Well, it’s done and she’s headed to her new home in Sebastopol, Ca. Considering all the time and money I’ve invested (DUMPED) in this boat, I took a MASSIVE financial hit on the sale, but I’m glad to see it go. It was a great boat, but I just wasn’t using it, and it had the unpleasant habit of...
  3. Winston29

    How do you run your jib sheets when shorthanded?

    I will when I get it installed. :p This darn SiP has me hunkered down at home for the foreseeable future. I can tell you how I'm going to run it, though. I'm going to use the existing Cunningham at the luff, a pair of intermediates along the foot, and this system at the leech (pictured)...
  4. Winston29

    Did you name your Capri?

    I was watching a sailing documentary the other day, and it seems that you don't add the "II" (2, 3, 4, or whatever the case may be) to the name of your next boat, unless the original boat is still in existence. If the first boat was destroyed or sank, you can use the same name, but without the...
  5. Winston29

    Centerboard Stop Question

    I can't answer your first question because I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, but I can answer the second one. You have to remove the cuddy box to access the inside of the cockpit wall. That's the only way to replace the bungie that holds the hiking straps up. That bungie is...
  6. Winston29

    Best Boat for Beginners

    I did both. I took a couple of lessons at my local-ish sailing school, and then I bought a Capri 14.2 to learn in. Nice boats, and imo, best sailed with two people.
  7. Winston29

    New Owner Questions

    If the splash / spray guards are made of wood, it's a Mod 2. If they're fiberglass, it's a Mod 3 I use a rope boarding ladder over the side, and while it can be a pain, it still works pretty well. My next ladder project is going to be to add a second rung to the transom / drain hole ladder I...
  8. Winston29

    Looking for a Capri "barney-post" (insert lame joke here) ;-)

    Would that bolt in the same place as the one for the 14.2? And where would you attach your hiking straps? I've often wished the 14.2 came with a much taller post. Something up high to grab a hold of. When I sailed an RS Venture, it had a post so tall you could sit facing forward and lean...
  9. Winston29

    Looking for a Capri "barney-post" (insert lame joke here) ;-)

    Wow, Catalinadirect wants $80 for the damn thing! No wonder you're looking here! That's ridiculous!
  10. Winston29

    The Greg Coats boarding ladder installation

    So how did it go? Anyone else successfully mount a ladder to their Capri? I'm considering adding one myself, but I'm a little nervous about cutting a large hole in the bench. :eek: To be honest, I didn't think it through enough to realize it would be required when the mounts are that low...
  11. Winston29

    Do you protect the sides of your boat from the sun?

    My 14.2 sits in the sun all day long. Should I worry about the sun damaging the sides of the boat or the gel coat? It has a cover on the top, but the rest is wide open. I did find this bottom cover at SLO Sail & Canvas for $216, but it requires that you hoist the boat into the air to...
  12. Winston29

    Looking for photos

    I wish I could help, but all my pictures are of the Capri on its trailer. :confused:
  13. Winston29

    I'm buying a boat, but what the heck is it?

    Wow, that's pretty! Did you ever figure out what it is, and get it??
  14. Winston29

    Looking to get into Sailing

    I sure wish this site would wait a little longer to lock us out of our threads so we could edit the things we miss the first time through. :confused:
  15. Winston29

    Do you sail in the dark?

    I picked up some cheap, LED nav lights off Amazon that, hopefully, I'll get the chance to try out on the water someday. The light on the tiller/rudder looks green, but it's actually white, and I turned the two on the shrouds rearward for the picture so they'd show up. :) I little piece of PVC...
  16. Winston29

    Sailing at home

    Stretching and exercise. Lots of it.
  17. Winston29

    Looking For Cheap Sunfish Storage - San Francisco Bay

    Did you find the storage you were looking for? I know this thread is a little old, but let me know if you're still looking. I know a place that charges $50 a month to store a dinghy, and it's a very secure location (well lit, locked gate, fence, security cameras, security guards, etc) in a...
  18. Winston29

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    I haven't even seen my boat in two months, let alone sailed it. I've heard that marinas and boat ramps in California are closed, but I'm not sure if that's everywhere in the sate, or just down south, and I haven't been able to find definitive information about my specific area. I'm also...
  19. Winston29

    Looking to get into Sailing

    Depending on your weight and that of your kids, the Wave might not be up to the task. I have a friend with a Wave, and his 150lbs combined with my 230lbs, crushed the boat, slowed it to a crawl, and pressed the tramp into the water. The Wave, being a cat and having no jib, is notorious for...
  20. Winston29

    I fear if I want to sail, I'm going to have to get a different boat.

    Maybe if I wait and the economy tanks, as some are predicting, I'll get it for a song! :p I'm not giving up on the Capri just yet.